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WinSCP 4.3.3

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* Rolled back increase of socket internal buffer size for SSH.
* SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2011-03-04, revision 9120). It brings following changes:
- Support for “” compression.
- Small performace improvements.
* On Windows 7 progress of operation is shown on the taskbar button.
* URLs with IPv6 address are supported.
* Removed length limit for FTP Post login commands.
* Colon in stored session name and IPv6 addresses is escaped when used for generated name of session log file.
* State of Advanced options checkbox is always remembered.
* Source of the configuration is stored into session log.
* Navigating back/forward with synchronized browsing enabled affects both panels.
* When renaming a file during transfer, only filename (without an extension) is optionally selected.
* File renaming is not started, when only focusing application.
* Session colors are used on stored session list.
* Setup will default to use the same language as the last time.
* Setup will not try to replace the drag&drop shell extension unless newer version is included. This prevents setup from requiring restart in many cases.
* Bug fix: Incorrect conversion of timestamps between local and remote systems with respect to DST on Windows 2008 R2.
* Bug fix: Failure on transfer error with SCP protocol.
* Bug fix: Invalid timezone shifting of file timestamps with FTP protocol.
* Bug fix: Pageant authentication was not working on x64.
* Bug fix: Failure when reconnection fails with FTP protocol.
* Bug fix: Failure when reconnecting with FTP protocol.
* Bug fix: chmod command was not skipped with SCP protocol, when changing file properties but not changing permissions.
* Bug fix: Error when uploading file with specific size with FTP protocol.

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