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WinSCP 3.3.0

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WinSCP 3.3.0  Girişi değiştir

  • Custom commands feature (SCP protocol only). In Preferences window, user may set up set of custom commands. Than it is possible to execute any of these commands for each of selected files. Exclamation mark (!) in command is replaced with name of file. There are two predefined commands: touch (touch “!”) and execute (“!”). To execute custom command use either main menu or remote file context menu.
  • New option Continue on error (for advanced users only). When the option is on and error occures during batch operation (transfer, delete, set properties, etc.), the batch is not stopped. At the end of operation list of errors is displayed.
  • For SCP protocol it is possible to define time zone difference between server and client. Using this information WinSCP is able to perform correct remote and local directory comparison.
  • Check for updates feature. It connectes to WinSCP site and checks, if there is new version released. You may also run WinSCP with command line switch /update.
  • New option Do not change local directory when switching sessions. It preserves same local directory, when switching between opened sessions (Commander interface only).
  • Current session settings can be exported to PuTTY and opened with this SSH terminal client (Ctrl-P).
  • SSH core upgraded to current development snapshot of PuTTY (2003-09-12). It brings following changes:
    • Bug fix: Error “Assertion failed: addr->family == AF_UNSPEC”, when using SOCKS5 proxy.
    • Bug fix: Error Unable to load private key, when using key authentication.
    • Several other bug fixes.
  • Administrators may restrict saving password with stored sessions by settings registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Martin Prikryl\WinSCP 2\DisablePasswordStoring to dword:00000001.
  • With SFTP protocol version 3 and older, program is able to ignore non-UNIX style directory listing (file owner/group name will not be detected).
  • Animation displayed on progress windows for “set properties” operation.
  • Menu Commands was split to Commands and Files in Commander interface.
  • Improved packet logging for SFTP.
  • Bug fix: When a session had turned off option Remember last used directory, its opened local directory was not preserved, when switching between opened sessions.
  • Bug fix: When overwrite confirmation was on and file upload failed, because of insufficient rights, overwrite confirmation dialog was shows instead of error message (SFTP only).
  • Several other bug fixes.

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