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WinSCP 3.8.0

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WinSCP 3.8.0  Girişi değiştir

  • Synchronization enhanced:
    • When option Preview changes is turned on, checklist of synchronization actions is displayed, giving user option to review and confirm them all at once.
    • Option Preview changes works for timestamp synchronization too.
    • When list of directories watched by function Keep Remote Directory Up To Date is changed, new count is shown on log view.
    • Synchronization delay for function Keep Remote Directory Up To Date is configurable (only directly in configuration files).
    • Bug fix: When list of directories watched by function Keep Remote Directory Up To Date was changed, some of the subdirectories stopped being watched.
    • Bug fix: Option Same size only for timestamp synchronization was not working.
    • Bug fix: Newly added subdirectories were not watched for changes, when keeping remote directory up to date from script.
  • The connection can be automatically re-established when lost during file transfer (SFTP-only).
  • When the main session is reconnected the background transfer queue is now preserved.
  • The Server/Protocol Information dialog remade. It now also shows space available for current directory.
  • Color can be associated with session. It is used as background color for file panels.
  • Authentication window introduced. It combines progress display with authentication prompts.
  • Initial permissions can be set when creating new remote directory.
  • File panel can be sorted by extension by clicking on dedicated part of Name/Ext column title.
  • Permission errors when setting attributes (permissions and timestamp) of remote file can be suppressed using new transfer option Ignore permissions errors (SFTP-only).
  • Commands Edit New File and Create Directory moved to New > File and New > Directory. Command Add/Edit Link split into Edit Link and New > Link. Submenu New is also

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