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WinSCP 2.2.0

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WinSCP 2.2.0  Girişi değiştir

  • WinSCP2 is no longer BETA.
  • Simple console that enables user to execute arbitrary command (it must not require any user input).
  • Directory bookmarks for both local and remote panel. Bookmarks can be used from Open directory dialog.
  • There is button Reconnect on all error dialogs that notifies about closed session due to fatal error.
  • Session can be closed on completion of batch file operation. See checkbox Disconnect when operation finishes on operation progress window.
  • Creation of session shortcuts on Windows desktop.
  • User might change directory, where temporary drag&drop files are stored. User also might be notified, when there is not enough space on temporary drive.
  • Never ask me again checkbox on close session confirmation dialog.
  • Function Save current session saves current directories as default ones.
  • Batch file deletion can be interrupted. Same bug fixed for setting remote file properties.
  • Improved XP design.

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