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WinSCP 3.7.3

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WinSCP 3.7.3  Girişi değiştir

  • Function Keep remote directory up to date now can watch for up to 500 directories (62 previously).
  • Allowed downloads to UNC paths.
  • When logging is enabled and several sessions (including background transfer connections) are opened at a time, several log files are generated.
  • Exit code is propagated to console interface tool,
  • GUI application, WinSCP3.exe, waits until user pressed any key before exit, when run with /? parameter.
  • When focused control (like directory tree) is hidden, focus is moved to the last used file panel.
  • Default (installation) size of the Commander interface is larger, if the screen resolution allows it.
  • Log file includes timestamps of all events.
  • Bug fix: Crash when using Proxy with Do DNS name lookup at proxy end enabled.
  • Bug fix: Upload hangs on empty (0 bytes) files (SFTP only).
  • Bug fix: Command File Names > Copy to Clipboard have not worked correctly.
  • Bug fix: The last toolbar in a toolbar row is not restored incorrectly right-aligned anymore.
  • Bug fix: WinSCP now restores window size correctly even when it was closed very small.
  • Bug fix: Hangs and other problems when showing control (like queue view) that was previously hidden larger then current window size.
  • Bug fix: Rekey time limit could not be set to zero (to disable time-based rekey).

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