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WinSCP 3.2.0

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WinSCP 3.2.0  Girişi değiştir

  • It is possible to open more connections simultaneously. Connections may be switched using Opened sessions from Session menu, Session toolbar or Alt-1 to Alt-0 keyboard shortcuts (only first 10 connections).
  • Support for version 4 of SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) including its native support for text (ASCII) mode transfers. Session option EOL characters (Environment tab of Login dialog) is ignored with SFTP4. CR/LF is always used unless server requests different sequence. With SFTP4 it is also possible to change file owner/group.
  • With SFTP4 WinSCP is compatible with VanDyke VShell for Windows.
  • Directory bookmarks were replaced with Location Profiles in Commander interface. Profile is composed of both local and remote directory bookmark and custom name. Profiles can be organised into folders (currently one level only). Profiles are compatible with bookmarks in both ways. To switch back to bookmarks, see check box on Commander tab of Properties dialog.
  • SSH core upgraded to current development snapshot of PuTTY (2003-07-17). It brings following changes:
    • Two new proxy options: Consider proxying local host connections and Do DNS name lookup at proxy end (see Proxy tab of login dialog).
    • New SSH server bug detection: Misuses the session ID in PK auth (see Bugs tab of login dialog).
    • Several bug fixes.
  • Administrators may restrict using editor and opening remote files by settings registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Martin Prikryl\WinSCP 2\DisableOpenEdit to dword:00000001.
  • Automatic substitution of characters invalid for Windows filenames (on download).
  • Uploaded partial file (with .filepart extension) is renamed to target name only after file is closed (SFTP only). This should eliminate problems on servers, where file locking is supported (Windows).
  • Fixed detection of system font.
  • When reconnecting after fatal error, current program instance (window) is reused.
  • Only Windows (CR/LF) end-of-line sequence is converted, when uploading file in text (ASCII) mode.
  • File is transfered properly using SFTP, even when its actual size is different than value displayed in directory listing (this happens e.g. when file was changed since directory was opened).
  • Ctrl-Down and Ctrl-Up can be used to enter/leave subdirectory.
  • WinSCP identifies itself to SFTP server (version 3 and later) using extension (SSH_FXP_EXTENDED packet). If server recognises WinSCP, it should reply with SSH_FXP_STATUS packet with SSH_FX_OK value.
  • SFTP error messages (received from server) are converted from UTF-8 encoding to local encoding.
  • All drop down lists are always wide enough to fit its contents (whenever possible).
  • Dialog with directory bookmarks is widened, when necessary.
  • When saving file from editor, overwrite confirmation is not requested.
  • Several typos corrected (thanks to Sean M. Burke).
  • Improved XP design (password boxes, etc).
  • Bug fix: If move of remote directory was cancelled, but download of current file was finished, program failed (SCP only).
  • Bug fix: Properties dialog have not worked properly, when server (file system) does not support file owner/group.
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to toggle More/Less button using Enter key.
  • Bug fix: Error “Variant array index out of bounds”, while loading directory.
  • Bug fix: Exceptions (error messages) were not displayed in log window.
  • Bug fix: Renaming symbolic link renamed linked file instead (SFTP only).
  • Bug fix: Session was not closed after fatal error during drag&drop operation.
  • Bug fix: Empty file could not have been transfered using SFTP.
  • Bug fix: File was not transfered, when using drag&drop along with checking Disconnect when complete option.
  • Bug fix: Failure when dragging file with semicolon (;) in filename (“Assertion Failed: File…” or “List index out of bounds(…)”).

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