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WinSCP 3.7.6

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WinSCP 3.7.6  Girişi değiştir

  • Editing files enhanced:
    • There can be several external editors configured.
    • Appropriate editor for particular file can be selected automatically by file mask (i.e. file extension, directory, etc.).
    • Command File(s) > Edit (alternative) replaced with sub menu listing all available editors.
    • Command File(s) > Edit new has now keyboard shortcut originally used by File(s) > Edit (alternative).
    • File can be optionally opened in editor as response to double-click.
    • Change to internal editor configuration is immediately applied to all already opened editor windows.
    • Search options are shared among opened internal editors.
    • Search dialogs have context help.
    • Bug fix: Application could not be closed as long as any internal editor was opened.
    • Bug fix: “Total replacements” message sometime incorrectly appeared, even when Replace All was not used.
    • Bug fix: Find results sometime appeared over the main window instead of over the editor window.
    • Bug fix: Search dialogs were sometime incorrectly placed.
  • Authentication banner, if any, is shown during authentication.
  • New functions for queue management: Suspend, Resume, Suspend All and Resume All.
  • Unix-style approach to Daylight saving time (client does adjustment) is made default. This can affect interpretation of timestamps of your files. Use function Synchronize with option Synchronize timestamps only, not files to resolve it.
  • Button Calculate on Properties dialog calculates also total number of files/directories/symlinks. The button newly also does not show up, when all selected directories are actually symlinks.
  • Several changes to synchronization:
    • Added new option Selected files only for functions Synchronize and Keep Remote Directory Up To Date. It limits the synchronization to files selected in either panel only.
    • Removed option No confirmations for functions Synchronize and Keep Remote Directory Up To Date. Confirmations are now disabled always.
    • Directory number limit for function Keep remote directory up to date can be overruled.
    • Event log is shown for function Keep remote directory up to date.
    • When synchronizing timestamps, only same-sized files can be affected optionally.
    • For Synchronize timestamps only, not files mode the only item of transfer settings that can be set (and that is displayed) is exclusion/inclusion mask.
    • Keep remote directory up to date can be interrupted by Esc.
    • Bug fix: Failure when synchronization before Keep remote directory up to date was interrupted.
    • Bug fix: When time-stamp synchronization was configured as default synchronization action, it was incorrectly inherited by Keep remote directory up to date.
  • Several changes to scripting:
    • New scripting option option batch abort. When set, WinSCP will abort the script as soon as any of the commands fail. Values on and off are still available with unchanged behaviour.
    • New scripting options include and exclude to set include/exclude masks. Only one of the two can be set at a time.
    • Ctrl+C during script file processing breaks whole script, not only current command.
    • During synchronization names of directories where change happened are displayed only.
    • Bug fix: Script file loading errors were displayed in message box instead of console.
    • Bug fix: Scripting have not inherited configured synchronization settings.
    • Bug fix: Incorrect parameter syntax in help for scripting command open. Thanks to Gottfried Haider.
    • Bug fix: Second consecutive put command from script file overwrites output of previous one.
  • When overwriting of remote file fails, WinSCP can try to delete file and create new one (SFTP only).
  • New custom command option Copy results to clipboard.
  • Workaround for OpenSSH limit of 256 KiB for size of SFTP packet. Consequence was occasional interruption of transfer with error “Connection has been unexpectedly closed. Server sent command exit status 11.”
  • All new sessions can be automatically opened also in PuTTY.
  • The Office XP-l

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