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WinSCP 4.1.7

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WinSCP 4.1.7  Girişi değiştir

  • Output from console interface tool is no longer buffered. 281
  • System error message is shown when FTP connection is refused.
  • Transfer mode and resume support status are no longer shown on progress window.
  • Internal editor is opened faster. 312
  • It is possible to reference session in folder from command line and script. 300
  • Session name can contain special characters like []/. 305
  • In scripting on session start local working directory is set to the one saved in stored session. 303
  • Bug fix: Wrapping of long files were not applied to newly opened internal editors. 287
  • Bug fix: Alias to directory listing command was not cleared (SCP only). 285
  • Bug fix: Failure when creating directory with SFTP. 307
  • Bug fix: “List index out of bounds (-1)” error on startup with Explorer interface and Show full path on address bar option disabled. 294
  • Bug fix: Transfer progress indication was not completed with FTP protocol. 278
  • Bug fix: Paste in an internal editor lost final new line. 277
  • Bug fix: Dialogs opened from Preferences dialog opened from internal editor are properly placed over them. 282
  • Bug fix: Failure when dragging item in editor list.
  • Bug fix: Internal editor status bar was not updated after reload.
  • Bug fix: WinSCP closed without warning even when internal editor with modified local file was opened.
  • Bug fix: Changes to internal editor configuration were not applied to opened editors with local files.
  • Bug fix: Random pieces of log were duplicated in log window. 310
  • Bug fix: Log window was not updated while connecting.
  • Bug fix: Some administrative restrictions were not being applied. 315

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