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WinSCP 3.6.1

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WinSCP 3.6.1  Girişi değiştir

  • MIT Kerberos 5 GSSAPI authentication. Thanks to Vaclav Tomec
  • Password provided on-request during connection may be optionally reused for background sessions. See Preferences dialog.
  • Transfers on background may be set as default. Both using Use same settings next time check and on Preferences dialog.
  • When disconnecting, alert shows up, when there are pending background transfers.
  • A hack that forced “copy” to be default transfer operation when using drag&drop shell extension has not proved to be reliable. As alternative solution, “move” operation is disabled now by default. It makes “copy” effectively the only possible operation and thus the default one. “Move” can be enabled on Preferences dialog. Note that “move” is always allowed when dragging inside WinSCP (e.g. from remote to local panel of Commander interface)
  • Background session opens directly in working directory of its first transfer. It saves one useless directory retrieval.
  • Server/protocol information window shows SSH implementation string.
  • Bug fix: When creating symbolic link with SFTP, symlink name was swapped for target name. As all OpenSSH SFTP servers has the bug as well, the bug is preserved when connected to OpenSSH SSH server (there no way to know provider of SFTP server).
  • Bug fix: Connection via proxy server has not worked at all in 3.6.
  • Bug fix: When downloading, modification timestamp was not preserved sometime. For example on Win2k, when using background transfer.
  • Bug fix: Upload target directory was uselessly reloaded twice after background transfer completion (both by background session and main session). Now it is reloaded on background only.
  • Bug fix: Explorer interface hanged on startup with certain configuration.
  • Bug fix: Disconnect when complete on progress dialog have not worked properly during certain kinds of operations.
  • Bug fix: After changing path to full path of cached symbolic link, current path was shown as path to symbolic link instead of its target path.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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