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WinSCP 3.4.0

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WinSCP 3.4.0  Girişi değiştir

  • Significant acceleration of SFTP transfer performance.
  • WinSCP can be translated to other languages. Currently, there are Czech, Japanese, Russian and Spanish translations complete. More translations are in progress. Setup application itself is not translated to Russian yet. To use Russian translation, install Russian translation and switch to it using Languages button on login dialog.
  • New pattern for custom commands: !?prompt?default!. When command with this pattern is executed, user is first asked for value of prompt parameter (default is used as default value).
  • New predefined custom command Move (mv “!” “!?&Move to:?!”), using above new pattern.
  • Every custom command has two switches: Apply to directories and Execute recursively.
  • Paths like ~username, when changing current directory, are now handled with SCP protocol.
  • New option on copy confirmation dialog: Append button (SFTP protocol only). When selected, user has two options. Either to append source file to end of destination file or to finish transfer. The latter option is another kind of transfer resuming and is particulary useful for updating log files. The option is not available, when source file is smaller than destination file.
  • Debug informations and additional checks (assertions) were removed from executable. This may lead to small performance benefits.
  • Support for version 0 and 1 of SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). With these versions, rename and resume features are disabled.
  • Total transfer size of all files in batch operation is calculated. This enables correct calculation of operation progress percentage. As the total size calculation can last too long, it can be turned off on Preferences dialog.
  • Prompts (usually for password) issued by server as part of TIS, Cryptocard or keyboard-interactive authentication methods are distinguished from password authentication prompts issued by WinSCP itself.
  • Remote directory(ies) properties dialog has new button Calculate, which calculates total size of all files in directory(ies).
  • Batch operation progress percentage is shown on taskbar.
  • Drive drop-down menu is updated, when a drive/device is loaded or ejected (Commander interface only).
  • Time or size or both can be used to compare files (Commander interface only).
  • Option Update only existing files for Keep remote directories up to date function.
  • Temporary folder created to edit/open remote file is deleted whole, including any new files (particulary backup file created by editor).
  • Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab can be used to switch between opened sessions.
  • Host name may contain user@host. This is particulary useful for importing sessions from PuTTY, which allows same format too.
  • Default resume threshold increased to 100 KiB.
  • Function Check for updates is available on login dialog too.
  • When uploading file in text (ASCII) mode, ^Z (ASCII 0×26) characters are removed.
  • Button Save (session) is available on all tabs of login dialog, with exception of Stored sessions tab.
  • Insignificant errors that occur during reading directory content with SFTP protocol are ignored.
  • Local panel is resorted, when file is renamed (Commander interface only).
  • More descriptive error message is shown, when SCP protocol cannot be initialized (SCP command is missing or cannot be found).
  • Preferences dialog uses navigation tree instead of tabs, just like Login dialog.
  • Bug fix: Fixed error with canonizing paths with SFTP protocol. On some servers, this error caused failure, while uploading directories.
  • Bug fix: Download option Preserve read-only now works with SFTP protocol.
  • Bug fix: Change to word wrapping with editor being opened is now applied correctly.
  • Bug fix: Local panel is refreshed, when editor is closed (Commander interface only).
  • Bug fix: When exporting session to PuTTY, path to private key is exported correctly. Proxy settings are exported both in format used by PuTTY 0.53b (and older) and current development snapshot.
  • Bug fix: Program was aborted, when one of the local files of batch operation were deleted before being processed.
  • Bug fix: Failure, when user presses Skip button on some error messages.
  • Bug fix: Fixed error handling with SFTP protocol.
  • Bug fix: When running in /update mode, errors are handled properly.

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