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WinSCP 4.1.6

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WinSCP 4.1.6  Girişi değiştir

  • Bug fix: Failure when skipping error during ls command in scripting. 269
  • Bug fix: Unix-style paths on command-line were ignored. 267
  • Bug fix: Permissions to uploaded directories were set even when Set permissions was off, what caused problems on servers not allowing setting permissions to directories (Serv-U). 268
  • Bug fix: Misplaced sorting arrow was shown when file panel was sorted by hidden column.
  • Bug fix: Remote files were incorrectly moved to recycle bin even when alternative resume or append was selected instead of overwrite.
  • Bug fix: Overwritten remote files were not moved to recycle bin during resumable transfers. 272
  • Bug fix: Overwritten remote files were not moved to recycle bin if overwrite confirmations were disabled. 272
  • Bug fix: It was pointlessly offered to alternatively resume transfer when local and remote files had a same size.
  • Bug fix: Refreshing large remote directory tree took too long. 279
  • Bug fix: Workaround for failure on startup. 140

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