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WinSCP 3.7.2

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WinSCP 3.7.2  Girişi değiştir

  • Scripting commands get, put, ls, lls, chmod, mv and rm support wildcards.
  • SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2005-01-28). It brings following changes:
    • New Key exchange tab on Login dialog. It allows configuration of key exchange algorithm selection policy. It also include options to configure regular key re-exchanged based on time and data transfered.
    • Support for IPv6 (’s IPv6 patches up to level 10). IP protocol version can be configured on Connection tab of Login dialog.
    • Removed bug Chokes on Diffie-Hellman group exchange from Bugs tab.
    • Fixed key exchange problems with some servers.
    • Software version strings for adhere to SSH standard.
    • Fixed some potential crashes.
    • Support for diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 group exchange.
    • Keyboard-interactive authentication is offered as long as server offers it, rather than only once, unless the server responds to our initial request with failure.
    • Support for “” authentication.
  • SFTP protocol optimization, especially for dealing with very small files and directories and when transferring over very fast connections. Downloads, uploads and directory listings now take up to 80%, 80% and 40% less time, respectively. Please report your personal experiences with the change, positive or negative.
  • Implemented support for editors that open multiple files in one process (window).
    • WinSCP can delay deletion of temporary local file until its exit. This is allowed only if Allow multiple opened files (editors) is enabled.
    • The behaviour can be turned on using option External editor opens multiple files in one window (process) (off by default).
    • If the option if disabled and the editor closes too early, WinSCP suggests user to enable the option.
  • When switching sessions, the panel state can be optionally preserved, including selected file and sort column/order. To disable this, go to Panels tab of Preferences dialog. Option Do not change local directory when switching sessions on Commands tab renamed to Do not change state of local panel when switching sessions and now affects this feature too.
  • When INI file is used as configuration storage, SSH host key cache is stored into the INI file too.
  • Transfer queue shows transfer speed and elapsed time.
  • With SFTP it is now possible to enter the traverse-only (chmod 110) directories.
  • Menu Files > File Names includes new command Copy URL to Clipboard. The URL format is: :////.
  • WinSCP now detects dropped connection immediately. It also responds to server keepalive requests immediately (
  • It is possible to edit remote files whose filenames contain characters not allowed on Windows.
  • Inline rename box on remote panel now accepts characters not allowed on Windows, but allowed on other systems.
  • Window server/protocol information shows server host key fingerprint.
  • New SFTP tab on session dialog. It contains configuration options for detection of two known bugs in SFTP servers. The first bug Reverses order of symlink command arguments is known on all OpenSSH servers. The second bug Does not use UTF-8 for SFTP4 and newer is known on Foxit WAC server.
  • When overwriting local read-only file, the read-only attribute is preserved.
  • It is now possible to overwrite local hidden file (the attribute is preserved).
  • When changing local drive using drive drop down menu the current working directory on the drive is opened instead of root directory (Commander interface only).
  • Partially transferred files (.filepart) have the same icon as full file would have with “partial file” overlay over it.
  • It is possible to change width of session drop down menu on Session toolbar. Just drag the empty space on the right of the drop down menu.
  • Queue sessions are kept alive if the main session is configured so. As side effect dropped connection is detected immediately (no error is displayed), not only after there is transfer attempt over it. It avoids failing transfer just because of dropped connection.
  • When secondary shell session is dropped on background, no error is displayed and the main session is no longer closed.
  • If the edited file is saved while the previous change is still being uploaded, the error is no longer displayed, re-upload is scheduled instead.
  • Language button on Login dialog includes Get More command to open translation download page.
  • Menu File Names is included in remote panel context menu too.
  • The command Files > Open opens the remote file locally always. It does not imitate double-clicking anymore (when symbolic link resolving is not enabled/supported, double-click tries to open remote file as if it were symlink to directory).
  • Internal editor shows name of the session in the window title.
  • File panel scrolls whole page when visualising batch operation progress.
  • File panel reflects change of system icon font in run time.
  • The same remote file cannot be edited twice.
  • If reading directory takes too long, number of files read is shown on WinSCP button on taskbar.
  • Several changes in installer:
    • When installer finds obsolete default translation in the installation directory, it displays a warning with option to delete the translation.
    • Bug fix: Removed flags: unchecked string from the Add installation directory to search path checkbox.
    • Bug fix: Last few characters of long lines were cut off.
  • Proxy password box is disabled for SOCK4 proxies, as SOCK4 does not support passwords.
  • When transferring files using scripting commands get and put, without explictly specifing operation mask, the mask *.* is used, overriding default operation mask set in GUI.
  • Wildcards in operation mask (* and ?) can be delimited using backslash (\).
  • It is no longer possible to check Disconnect when operation finishes during total transfer size calculation before file transfer.
  • Leading and trailing spaces are trimmed from host and user names.
  • Links to WinSCP homepage in Help menu updated to point directly on respective Wiki topics
  • First attempts for context help. F1 key now opens WinSCP documentation page. On some dialogs it now opens directly help for the dialog.
  • Installation path can be added to system search path from Integration tab of Prefenreces dialog.
  • Bug fix: When synchronizing local directory from console mode using SCP protocol, some files were printed twice. Once with path, once without.
  • When listing directory with SFTP protocol, files whose filenames contain slashes or dots-only are ignored.
  • Bug fix: Duration indicators failed to display more than 24 hours.
  • When WinSCP in console mode were executed from batch file its console title was incorrectly preserved for next commands of the batch
  • Bug fix: Some errors in console mode were displayed in message box instead of being printed on console
  • Bug fix: Scripting command ls has never shown year when full file timestamp was known. Now it shows full timestamp (including year and full precision time).
  • Bug fix: WinSCP crashed when timeout message was shown while reading directory content.
  • Bug fix: Scripting command get with SCP protocol printed downloaded directory twice, the second time with statistics of the last file downloaded.
  • Bug fix: Fixed several bugs when downloading files for which the server incorrectly reports unreasonable file sizes.
  • Bug fix: WinSCP refused to start, when using /ini parameter without session name parameter.
  • Bug fix: The download of files smaller then 4 KiB could not be interrupted.
  • Bug fix: Attempt to open non-existing local directory (Commander interface only) have not displayed any error message. The first existing parent directory (if any) was opened instead.
  • Bug fix: When downloading file to editor, Exclude mask and operation mask were not ignored, what prevented editing some files.
  • Bug fix: When using ls command with --full-time option (SCP protocol) the leading spaces in the filenames were omitted while reading directory.
  • Bug fix: Time estimated showed incorrect values for resumed file transfers.
  • Bug fix: When downloading file with SCP protocol, any leading spaces in the filename were lost.
  • Bug fix: Possible crashes when having more sessions opened in parallel.
  • Bug fix: When using INI file as configuration storage, the quotes enclosing configuration options (particularly path to PuTTY executable) were lost.
  • Bug fix: Directory was randomly selected in remote panel when switching sessions.
  • Bug fix: When upgrading from 3.7 and older, command Open in PuTTY stopped working if path to PuTTY included spaces.
  • Bug fix: Items in queue display menu may have been sometime disabled.
  • Bug fix: When uploading, the contents of selected directories was counted twice into “total size”, making progress indicator inaccurate.
  • Bug fix: When restoring maximised main window it was sometime wider than before maximisation.
  • Bug fix: Fake “Ext” column could be shown by mistake.
  • Bug fix: Sorted On Exit Crash after long periods of use.

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