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WinSCP 3.6.0

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WinSCP 3.6.0  Girişi değiştir

  • Background transfer queue. When option Transfer on background is checked on transfer confirmation dialog, the transfer is added to background transfer queue. Each background transfer opens own SSH session, which is reused by further transfers. Number of simultaneous background transfers can be limited (defaults to 2). Transfer queue list can be displayed on the bottom of main dialog. There is new Transfer/Background tab on Preferences dialog to control queue options.
  • New permissions bits may be set: Set UID, Set GID and Sticky bit. Permissions maybe entered also as octal number with 4 digits.
  • Selectable approach towards daylight saving time. As some servers (mostly on Windows) adjust file timestamp with start of DST and some not (Unix), there is new option Daylight saving time on Environment tab of login dialog to select between the two approaches. For backward compatibility, Windows-style approach (server does adjustment) is selected by default. But it will most likely change soon as Unix-style (client does adjustment) approach is maybe better, while more dangerous and difficult to implement.
  • When not using Drag&drop shell extension, dropping files outside of WinSCP defaulted typically to move operation (instead of usual copy). As this is out of control of WinSCP, there is new option Allow moving via temporary directory, which is turned off by default. It makes copy effectively the only possible operation and thus the default one.
  • Bug fix: Drag&drop shell extension failed to register on Windows 95/98.
  • Fixed moving remote files to different remote directory. With SCP move to dir moves files now to dir subdirectory of current directory instead of /dir in root directory. With SFTP Move to did not work at all with most servers.
  • WinSCP can optionally automatically reply with stored password to the first keyboard-interactive, TIS or Cryptocard prompt. The feature is on by default.
  • Overwrite confirmation query indicates, if local or remote file is being overwritten. It is particulary useful for synchronization.
  • Text mode transfers may be forced for files edited in external editor (Editor tab of Preferences dialog).
  • Move command removed from default custom commands. Tar/GZip added instead.
  • When copying current path to clipboard, new-line is not appended anymore. The same applies to copying name of one selected file.
  • With SFTP protocol directory comparison is always done with second precision.
  • With SCP protocol, when time portion of modification timestamp is unknown, only date is displayed (00:00 used to be displayed before).
  • Quotes around path to private key are stripped, which is necessary when exporting and opening session in PuTTY.
  • Skipped files are included in batch operation percantage completeness.
  • When resuming file transfer, resumed file size is not counted towards Total transfered.
  • Bug fix: Using password longer than 255 characters hanged the application. This fixes Denial of Service as reported by Luca Ercoli.
  • Experimental support for two SFTP extensions owner-group-query@generic-extensions and software@generic-extensions as proposed by Erwin Bolwidt
  • Improved server prompts (keyboard-interactive, TIS and Cryptocard). Prompt dialog is wider. If the prompt still does not fit, whole text is displayed when hovering mouse cursor over it.
  • When URL part after scp:// or sftp:// matches one of the stored session names, the session is used. This way you may setup default username and/or password for particular host by storing them to session with the same name as the host.
  • Uncheck all button on Cleanup dialog.
  • Improved Import from PuTTY dialog. New Un/check all button. Cached host keys may be optionally imported for selected sessions.
  • When opening remote file for writting, file size is sent to server giving it chance to allocate enough space on file system in advance (SFTP only).
  • Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right in directory input boxes stops on slashes too (in addition to usual spaces).
  • Synchronized browsing works properly even when changing directory by more than one level (for example via history drop down list).
  • Improved communication with drag&drop shell extension. Situations when the application timouts waiting for response from the extensions should be much reduced now.
  • Local file, which is being written during download can be opened (for reading only) by other applications.
  • Local file opened by other application for writting can be uploaded.
  • Default text (ASCII) transfer mode file mask was modified to include *.*html and *.htm, instead of *.*htm*, which matches for example even
  • When Drag&drop shell extension is enabled, but it is not found when dragging starts, error is displayed.
  • Command containing spaces only cannot be executed (SCP only).
  • Default custom commands translates with language change as long as they are not modified.
  • Bug fix: When dropping files, while mouse cursor indicated “drop denial”, file transfer was initiated regardless with unexpected results.
  • Bug fix: Change to logging options was reflected by active session only.
  • Bug fix: Appearance of status bars was corrupted when main window was resized (WinXP only).
  • Bug fix: When uploading back modified file, which was temporarily downloaded to be executed/opened, text mode was incorrectly used.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug in SFTP4 implementation, when reading nano-seconds precision timestampts.
  • Bug fix: Symlinks in current directory are resolved with SFTP4.
  • Bug fix: Fixed generation of group drop down list on Attributes dialog in case the server does not provide it (SCP only).

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