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WinSCP 3.5.0

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  • Installation package includes Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Polish, Spanish and Swedish translations. More languages will be available once completed.
  • Full local and remote directory synchronization. Either both directories can be synchronized or one of them only. When only one directory is synchronized against the other, files/directories not existing in the other directory can be optionaly deleted.
  • New session option Cache directory changes. Together with Cache visited directories it allows instant changes to already visited directories without talking to the server. For SCP protocol the cache has no benefit without Cache visited directories being turned on as well. Cached directory changes can be preserved between sessions (Permanent cache option). Both caches can be cleared using Commands > Clear caches command.
  • For uploads and downloads operation masks can be used. Operation mask is used to change the filename. By default mask *.* is offered, which leaves filename unchanged.
  • When the total transfer size is calculated, the operation progress dialog shows time estimated till completion.
  • During download, return code 1 of scp command is ignored. Among other things, this allows continuation of batch file transfer after some non-serious errors.
  • Server/protocol information window (in Commands menu).
  • When the first command line parameter is not session name, WinSCP parses the parameter using pattern [user[:pwd]@]host[:port][/path] and tries to open the session.
  • Session can be kept alive alternativelly by executing dummy command. Overwrite confirmation dialog shows size and modification timestamp of both files.
  • SFTP (with SCP fallback allowed) is now default transfer protocol.
  • Both upload and download confirmation dialogs has target path histories.
  • For downloads, file properties modification and calculation of total transfer size, symlinks to directories are not followed.
  • Size of SFTP packet is limited by maximal size of SSH-2 packet (as suggested by the server). This heuristics can allow WinSCP to work on SFTP servers with limited memory (in particular servers running on embeded devices).
  • Local read-only files can be overwritten (confirmation is required).
  • When PuTTY is not found in configured (or default) path, the search paths (PATH system variable) are searched for executable.
  • Open in PuTTY opens existing session from PuTTY’s session list, when session with the same name as current WinSCP session exists.
  • File having CR/LF line endings already is not converted, when converting line endings from LF to CR/LF.
  • Empty output of groups command is tolerated.
  • When neighter configured local directory nor user documents directory can be opened, the WinSCP installation directory is set as initial in the local panel of Commander interface.
  • When saving modified session, name of original session is offered as default name.
  • Download confirmation dialog forces full local (non UNC) path to be entered.
  • SSH core upgraded to current development snapshot of PuTTY (2003-12-22). It brings following changes:
    • Some memory leaks fixed.
    • SOCKS4/5 proxy fixed.
    • Bug fix: Connections to from interface IP addresses was refused.
  • Operation progress percentage is now shown on progress window title too.
  • Command Quit was moved from Commands to File menu of Explorer interface.
  • Sort direction arrows on file panels are reversed.
  • Changes to directories with names like ~ xxxx are again possible. Note space after tilde (SCP only).
  • The history management of edit boxes histories was changed. The old histories from previous versions will not be loaded.
  • The first stored session is now always selected on login dialog to show the focus.
  • Bug fix: When user denied to overwrite remote file in uploaded directory, superfluous error message was displayed (SFTP only).
  • Bug fix: There were one second time difference on 50% of downloaded files (SFTP only).
  • Bug fix: When the server refused to provide the directory listing the last opened directory listing was still displayed even when actual path was changed (SFTP only).
  • Bug fix: Fatal error during upload crashed the application (SCP only).
  • Bug fix: Stored sessions tab was not selected in navigation tree (on the left of Login dialog) when session was saved.
  • Bug fix: Failure when error occurs while closing remote file after upload itself failed (SFTP only).
  • Bug fix: Failure while uploading empty file in text (ASCII) mode.
  • Bug fix: When none of the SSH authentication methods was aggreed with the server, meaningless and errorneous prompt for password was displayed.
  • Bug fix: Violation of SFTP4 specification, when opening remote file (4 bytes instead of one were occupied by parameter type of SSH_FXP_OPEN packet).

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