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# New Features:
* ExtensionManager.
* DeveloperTools supported Chinese and English.
* Supportedwindow extensions.
* SupportedHTML5 full screen API.
# Improvements:
* Optimized theperformance of js script execution.
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Icon sequenceproblem in Side Bar.
- No promptmessage when logged-in Maxthon Account with wrong password.
- The drop-downmenu in Options might be covered by Task Bar.
- Koreancharacters display problem.
- It did notuse the blank tab when clicked a new page from Favorites Side Bar.
- Side Bardid not refresh when logged out Maxthon Account from New Session window.
- Could notopen new windows through bookmarklet.
- Invalidation of “After closing a Tab switch to: Last visited Tab”.
* Webkit Core
- It couldnot use Reader Mode when open local html files.
- Downloadproblem of flashget protocol.
- Pagedisplay problem related to UA.
- Lack ofReferer in middle-click links.
- Focusproblem of Reader Mode.
- Notransition effect when enabled Reader Mode.
- Downloadpopuped when opened some ico files.
* IE Core
- Page Zoomproblem if changed dpi.
* Magic Fill
- Could notremember the router login information.
* Download
- Could notcall Maxthon Thunder Downloader sometimes.
- Problemcaused by paths.
- It deleted thefailed downloads when “Clear Completed”.
- Linkswithout protocols could not be recognized.
- It promptedhotlinks when downloaded in some sites.
* ExtensionPlatform
- Addedruntime.user.getAvatar interface.
- Someinterface problems.

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