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# New Features:
* Main Frame
- New Quick Access. Supported customizing the background and Multi-page.
- Print Preview.
- Added customizing time into Auto Fresh of tabs.
* MaxSnap
- Supported recognizing windows.
* Skin
- A new skin supporting Tab Bar on the bottom
* Status bar
- Tips and Tricks on Status Bar

# Improvements:
* Favorites
- Optimized the speed of opening Favorites.
* Feed Reader
- Optimized the performance of Feed Reader with improving the reading speed and the updating speed.

# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Redundant black angle around the search bar. (
- The main window could not appear when installed skin files if Maxthon browser was minimized.
- Releasing problem of Maxthon browser’s Minimize/Restore/Close buttons.
* Webkit
- Image uploading problem of Google Blogger.
* Favorites
- Favorites Group still displayed after deleting.
- Focus problem of folders in Favorites.
* Smart Address Bar
- Conflict problem with some input methods.
- Cursor location problem caused by some input methods.
* Download Manager
- Problem of Copy File Path.
- Failed to download file to the network disk.
- Dropdown menu problem in download dialog.
* Reader Mode
- Enhanced the compatibility.
* Resource Sniffer
- Failed to get flash URL the on some kinds of page.
- Order problem.

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