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# Improvement

* optimized Option Sync
* fixed several crash problems

# Fixes

* Main Framework
- Switch Mode button is disable in Multi-Search panel
- fixed problem that Quick Access cannot show after closing last tab
- fixed a malfunction of Quick Save images when reset option
- fixed problem that Smart Address Bar cannot record input
- fixed problem that about:last is cleared when quit browser via tray icon
- fixed problem that Auto-clear History took no effect when quit browser via tray icon
- fixed a display when cancelling Splitview
- fixed high CPU usage using Snap Region
- optimized compatibility of Export Favorite
- fixed a failure when import favorite from IE
- fixed a freeze problem caused by Snap Region
- View History button in about:last will lead to activated History Page
- URLs contain special characters in about:last can be opened correctly
- fixed a problem that Fav Bar tooltip covers Fav item
* Webkit Core
- fixed several crash problems
- fixed wrong file name problem when downloading certain types of files
- fixed problem that certain pages kept redirecting
* Video Popup
- fixed some display & UI problems
- fixed a crash problem
* AD Filter
- fixed a display problem of domain name in Rules Editor
- enquire dialog will not show when closing Rules Editor with no changes to the rules
* Magic Fill
- fixed problem that Maxthon Account Password cannot be recognized when last character is “Space”
* Online Notepad
- fixed some Sync failures
- fixed some crash problems caused by Sync
* Options
- fixed problem that new Search Engine cannot be added when clear Search Engine list
* Quick Access
- fixed a display problem of block frames

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