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# New Features:
* Webkit
- Spell Checker.
* Tabs
- Added “Auto Refresh” feature into right click menu of the tab.
* History Manager
- Calendar View
* AdHunter
- Allowed to share AdHunter rules with friends.

# Improvements:
* Sync
- MX Cloud Sync supported enable& disable of favorites sync.
* Flash
- Inbuilt Adobe Flash Player updated to

# Fixes:
* Main Framework
- Program crash problem which might be caused by setting quick save location.
- Proxy switching problem.
- Some online payment problems.
* Webkit
- A login crash problem caused by history file.
- For some websites, unable to hide password in password field.
- Entering Theater Mode in Facebook by clicking an image or a video, the page would display oddly when clicked close button.
- It went back to profile page when closed image in Facebook.
- The content in the address bar would not change when click another link in some pages.
- Unable to input Chinese in some Flash applications.
- Some pages might skip to mobile version oddly.
* Trident
- Operating on some websites might open an extra page.
* User Interface
- The sidebar might display incorrectly when started Maxthon browser in Windows XP.
* Options
- Entering the account without auto login, the option “Allow only one Maxthon windows” did not work.
* Smart Address Bar
- Auto-complete problem of input method in address bar.
* Download
- Failed to resume download after download disconnected accidentally.
* Developer Tool
- It always located on <html> tab when used Inspect Element on
- Sometimes failed to locate when first clicked Inspect Element.
* Security
- Fixed Webkit security problem.

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