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# Additions:
* User Interface
- Added “Quick Tools” item into Menu>> View>> Customize UI.
* Download
- Target would be saved into Temp Directory when clicked “Open”.
* Options
- Option of choosing multi instances.
* Developer Tools
- Supported to view cookie.

# Improvements:
* Tab
- Optimized the performance of tab opening, switching and closing.
* Favorites Manager
- Optimized favorites sync protocol to support wider network environments.
* Magic Fill
- Supported customizing shortcut keys and mouse gestures for Fill Password and Save Password.
* Download
- System style for right click>> “Save as…” window.

# Fixes:
* Main Framework
- Fixed main window AERO missing problem.
- Fixed unable to login Maxthon account problem caused by some Gateway settings.
- Fixed failure to call window after double click Maxthon icon in the situation of allowing open only one window & minimize the browser.
- Fixed problem that Quick APP couldn’t be sent to desktop when desktop track was not the default directory.
* Webkit
- Fixed some crash problems.
- Fixed some web compatibility problems.
- Fixed the requirement for repeated browser restarting after editing Hosts file.
- Fixed source code displaying in XML problem when visited the second page or later of
- Fixed the problem that could not to resolve certain type of .mht file.
- No response of the browser when cleared story by shortcut keys.
- It would open two history pages when clicked “View History” of “Last Session”.
* Tab
- Fixed the invalidation of “to the right of current Tab” option.
* AdHunter
- Fixed browser crash problem when clicked “Finish” button after deleting Domain List in “Edit Blocking Rules” .
* Download
- Fixed no response problem of Maxthon3 Downloader sometimes.
- Fixed some file name identifying failures.
- Fixed some Quick Save failures.
- Fixed unable to call Maxthon downloader window problem when click “download” after “Save as…”
- Fixed not displaying “delete” button when “Save as…” objective path too long.

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