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# New Features:
* Auxiliary Info in Status Bar.(Such as Download Speed, Upload Speed, IP, etc.)
* Supported adding favorites sites by double-clicking site icons.
* Translator names displayed in browser language selection panel.
* AdHunter Syncing.

# Improvements:
* Main Frame
- Optimized the performance of opening new tabs in the background.
- Optimized the user experience of browsing mode switching.
- Optimized the performance of adding multiple tabs to Favorites.
* Webkit
- Optimized the memory usage of Ultra Mode core progress.
* Spell Check
- Only English including in installation package, other languages should be gotten through selection.

# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Some crash problems.
- Could not remember the setting of hiding Favorites Bar.
- Main Window was always in its activated state.
- One focus problem in Maxthon Options.
- “Syncing…” was always displaying in the panel even when syncing failed.
- Failed to load mxaddon icons when there was single quote in Maxthon account username.
- Incorrectly opened the last session tabs.
* Webkit
- Prompt info of “Upgrade your web browser” when logined hotmail.
- Enhanced the page compatibility.
- One Inspect Element problem.
- Zoom problem in blank page.
- Unable to play MP3 Audio sometimes.
* User Interface
- “Encodings” position display problem when chose the submenus of Menu-Page-Encodings.
* Side Bar
- Favorites panel display problem.
* Quick Access
- Edit bar still displayed even when deleted dials of Quick Access.
- Page number bar of Quick Access displayed error when opened New Window.
* Download
- “Download Failed” info prompted even when you downloaded successfully.
* Video Popup
- The title of video popup window did not change as it changed in Tab Bar.
* Reader Mode
- Enhanced the compatibility.
* External Tools
- Failed to add Start menu.
* Translation
- Failed to use Translation if used this feature in guest account before.
* Quick APP
- Fixed “Save as Quick App” display difference between it in Main Menu and Tab Menu.
* Installation Program
- Updated browser icon and uninstallation program icon.

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