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# Fixes

* Main Framework
- Fixed search alias case-sensitive problem
- Fixed a problem which caused user cannot uninstall Maxthon 3.
- Fixed drop-down menu shift when typing in address bar
* Online Notepad
- Fixed the content format problem when user selects text and send it to online notepad.
- Fixed always create new tab problem when user send text to online notepad.
- Enable online notepad sync as default.
- Fixed "synchronizing" still exists when online notepad sync is done.
- Fixed sometimes "cut" "paste" "delete" disable on right click menu of online notepad tab list when user select text.
* Webkit Core
- Fix auto-rename format problem of quick save images
- Fixed Media player plugin failure on Ultra Mode
- Fixed "The document has moved here." error!
- Fixed cursor stick on the flash frame in flash game on Ultra Mode
- Fixed RSS proxy problem
* Trident Core
- Fixed link cannot be clicked when use zoom feature under IE9

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