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Maxthon  Girişi değiştir

* fixed magic fill data lose problem under some circumstances
* fixed some ntdll related problems
* fixed a problem which may cause IMM32.dll error on exit
* fixed extra blank tab problem when opened by external applications
* can drag drop external document when no tab is opened on startup
* fixed a problem that Paste & Go in address bar with shortcut may initiate search
* fixed that timed out links are reported as working in favorites checking

* if simple collector is outside visible area, will be visible again after restart
* auto refresh frequency is shown auto refresh menu
* fixed a favorites bar display problem after delete of favorite
* fixed freeze problem after enable/disable split view repeatedly
* will show New Tab button if no tab is opened on startup
* Fixed a Undo items counting problem
* Feed are renamed to RSS for uniformity

[Find In Page]
* fixed a performance problem
* removed finding hidden search for improved performance

* default saving format is changed to JPG

* fixed a floating ad problem

[Maxthon Downloader]
* fixed a batch download speed problem

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