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Maxthon 3.1.1 Build 800 (Beta 2) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Maxthon 3.1.1 Build 800 (Beta 2)  Girişi değiştir



  • + Diplayed the number of AdHunter ads in Status Bar.


[Main Framework]

  • Focus error when login and sync tips.
  • Tabs of last session appeared when opened the browser next time.


  • Crash problems sometimes when viewed source code.
  • Some crash problems.
  • Some page compatibility problems.
  • There were no scroll bars of dropdown menu on some websites.
  • Registration year display problem of
  • Cache path error.
  • Failed to display speak button in google translation.
  • Some objects failed to call the third-parth downloader.

[User Interface]

  • Wrong display position of the search bar sometimes.
  • It would display beyond the search bar when the search content was too long.


  • Fixed a focus problem.


  • It might get the wrong result when using simple letters for searching in international version.

[Download Manager]

  • Clicked "View" button when first opened Download Manager after turned on the computer, the target folder would disappear by flashing past.

[Magic Fill]

  • Characters missing when input too fast.
  • Sometimes failed to delete auto complete content by "Backspace" key.

[Source Sniffer]

  • The source page would display continually after the video popuped.
  • The video stopped displaying after popuped.
  • Sniffer window might be covered by pages sometimes.
  • Some videos failed to popup.

[Ad Hunter]

  • In AdHunter rules editor, user rules would be covered by subscribed rules when clicked "Finish" button after choosing subscribe site rules.

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