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Maxthon Beta  Girişi değiştir

- Option to use IE6 or IE7 Style Page Zoom
- Right Align option to buttons under Customize mode
- Option to show notification window for Content Filterthe notification can be clicked to view filter log
- Supports Text Filters and Filter Packs again (Maxthon Setup Center - Ad Hunter - Enable Text Filter & Filter Packs)
- Copy Image Address command in context menu
- View Selected Source command in context menu
- Last Visited Pages become HTML based
- fixed interface font size problem
- fixed context menu Paste command not working
- fixed problem in certain web pages
- fixed script error notification problem
- fixed languages translation incompleteness
- fixed WebTools bar customization not saved when multiple tabs are opened
- fixed up/down mouse gesture not working
- fixed crash when viewing certain streaming videos
- fixed super drag and drop not working on certain web pages
- fixed button positioning problem on status bar customization
- fixed broken mouse gesture track problem
- fixed crash when using group
- fixed crash when deleting filters
- fixed "&" not show in favorites
- fixed certain problems of last opened pages
- fixed certain ad filtering problems
- fixed certain flash display problems
- fixed certain other crash problems
- fixed mouse gesture cannot close browser
- fixed URL Key not working
- fixed URL Alias not working
- fixed tab close button not shown in interface styles
- fixed mouse gesture track drawing outside browser window
- fixed WebTools bar flicker when switching tab
- fixed certain other context menu problems
- fixed freeze/crash when closing detached popup through 'Close' link or button.

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