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# New Feature:
* Night Mode which supported customizing page element color.
# Improvements:
* Added "Set As Background" to image right click menu in Retro Mode.
* Added " New Folder" to the Favorites right click menu and Favorites Bar.
* It would only remember the folder used last time in this session.
* Improved the account login logic.
* Enabled setting sync by default.
* Maxthon Thunder Downloader supported multi languages.
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- The thumbnail of the browser main window could be viewed in task bar preview after locked Maxthon browser.
- Failed to associate with some file types sometimes when set Maxthon as the default browser.
- Invalidation of locking Maxthon browser.
- Invalidation of deleting some icons in Side Bar.
- Solved one display problem when minimized/closed the browser to system tray.
* Webkit Core
- Fixed some display problems.
- Fixed some crash problems.
- Failed to connect to the ftp page again if closed it.
- Some pages could not display when login baidu space in Ultra Mode.
- Failed to save some pages.
* User Interface
- Window display problem when used mouse wheel for scrolling if downloaded a new file in Maxthon Downloader.
- When pressed boss key to hide Maxthon browser with "Always show icon in System Tray" enabled, the system tray icon did not display after called back the browser.
- Sometimes the blocked item icon still displayed there after switched Ultra Mode to Retro Mode.
* Maxthon Options
- It could not remember "Enable Safe URL Checker" option status.
* Source Sniffer
- Failed to classify fmv files to Video category in Source Sniffer.

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