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# New Features:
* Main Framework
- Sync Center.
* Webkit
- Improve Webkit to 534.12,comprehensive property 32.6%.
* User Interface
- Integration of avatar and main menu.
- Browser Favorites Sidebar.
- Added Download Manager, Online Notepad, Feed Reader to the sidebar.
* Skin
- Supported Skin file (*.mxskin) interaction, add Skin Manager.
* AdHunter
- Auto subscribe ad blocking rules for common use websites and global rules.
# Improvements:
* Webkit
- Optimized image resizing ability.
* Search
- Changed the default search engine to Google.
# Fixes:
* Main Framework
- Some Windows7 deadlock problems.
- Unable to identify Sync Center incident response.
- A text error.
* Webkit
- Several crash problems.
- There was a red “X” when replied with shortcut key on some forums.
- Some page compatibility problems.
- Some page display problems.
- Quick save image function didn’t work on the images in Frame.
- Failed to scroll some pages with mouse gesture.
- Focus appeared after Flash game popup
- It allows Ctrl+click to quick save the photo album in QQ Zone now.
- The first Chinese character would jump onto the screen when used Chinese input method to reply email by Gmail.
- Unable to scroll the screen sometimes if the pages had not finished loading.
- A redraw problem of page cut.
- CPU occupation was too high when opened some pages.
- Some pages would scroll to the bottom.
- Some pages did not support “Enter” button for login.
- Attachment selection window has the memory of last path now.
* Tab
- Some operations might cause that close button could not appear under Windows XP.
* Magic Fill
- Some websites failed to remember password.
* Online Notepad
- Some websites failed to remember password.
* Others
- Fixed a connection error in updating program.
- Added the entrance of forum to the main menu.

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