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Maxthon Beta  Girişi değiştir

Redesigned browser framework and added new anti-freeze feature

Plugin and External Tools
Improved plugin security. Security id is no longer accessible in max.src. Existing Script/HTML plugins are not affected, individual COM plugins could obtain the security id through a new putSecurityId method if necessary. (Note: COM plugins are disabled in this beta)

Added clean browser history option in the exit confirmation dialog
Added a save as option in Collector, support ANSI, Unicode, and UTF-8 txt format
Added a notice window when cleaning browser history
Fixed a GDI leakage when tab is dragged
Fixed a favorites and RSS sidebar focus problem
Fixed a Maximize problem in mult-monitor environment
Fixed a Float Button position problem under Split View
Fixed a RSS duplicate addition alert problem
Fixed a freeze problem when the shadow of menu is clicked
The URL of favorites is shown when mouse hover favorites sidebar
The close button on the active tab now works on mouse released (previously when mouse pressed)

Fixed problem capturing long web pages

Fixed a zoom problem under IE8
Fixed a freeze problem when maxthon exits
Fixed a Magic Fill auto fill problem
Fixed problem opening .url shortcut
Fixed some browser window focus problems
Fixed some memory leakage problem
Possibly fixed problem that browser frame may not be drawn
Possibly fixed problem that browser window may go behind other windows when opening external url
Improved page scrolling efficiency
Web page zoom ratio is limited between 10% to 1000%

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