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Feed Demon

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* Removed: Sharing features that relied on Google Reader
* Added: "Most Visited" and "Recently Closed" added to new tab page
* Added: "Photo Strip" newspaper style (Pro version only)
* Added: Improved relevancy of recommended articles
* Added: Ctr+0 shortcut to return the embedded browser to normal (100%) zoom
* Changed: Improved initial startup time
* Changed: Hiding all buttons on a toolbar now hides the toolbar itself
* Changed: FeedDemon now asks whether to assign feeds to a content filter after creating it
* Fixed: Sporadic crashes showing context menus after upgrading to IE9
* Fixed: Potential nuisance flaw in feed preview which could allow external feed to display popups
* Fixed: "My Stream" doesn't update when FeedDemon isn't the active application and the stream is not undocked
* Fixed: Dragging a feed into another folder doesn't re-sort the destination folder
* Fixed: Longer URLs in the address bar appear beneath feed and share icons
* Fixed: Spurious "new items received" message when viewing all unread items
* Fixed: Auto-downloading of enclosures enabled in v3 causes Lite v4 to open enclosures in browser
* Fixed: Flicker caused by images of people you follow when unread/starred counts are updated on subscription home page
* Fixed: Tray icon still indicates unread articles if update is cancelled and all articles have been read
* Fixed: Updating a single folder may fail if a previous folder update was cancelled
* Fixed: Links in the stream browser are opened in an external browser if they use target="_blank"
* Fixed: Watches fail to group articles by their source feed when grouping by feed in Surfer style
* Fixed: Incorrect display of Twitter search feeds in "My Stream"
* Fixed: Incorrect date grouping in news item list
* Fixed: Unicode characters may cause "Find New Feeds" to fail in certain locales
* Fixed: Leading spaces in article links cause them to fail when opened in external IE7/IE8
* Fixed: "Send to Twitter" no longer works
* Fixed: "Send to Delicious" no longer works
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to login to Google Apps accounts that use same email address as "normal" Google account
* Fixed: YouTube and Vimeo HTML5 videos fail to appear in FeedDemon's newspaper
* Fixed: Feed preview launches external browser for embedded videos in feeds
* Fixed: Buttons obscured in feed selection dialog when using font size other than default
* Removed: "Enable transitions" removed from the Appearance tab in Options (due to compatibility issues with IE9)

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