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Feed Demon RC1  Girişi değiştir

- Added: Flags are now synchronized
- Added: Hitting 'V' while an item is selected in the newspaper now opens that item's link
- Added: 'J' and 'K' are now secondary shortcuts for next/previous item in the newspaper
- Added: 'E' shortcut in the newspaper to open item's link in external browser
- Added: Confirmation dialogs (mark feed read, unsubscribe, etc.) now include a "Don't ask me this again" checkbox
- Changed: When "Mark feed read when feed changes" is enabled, only posts that were unread when that feed was selected will be marked read (previously, all posts were marked read, even if those posts were retrieved by an update which occurred after the feed was displayed).
- Changed: The arrow key shortcuts in the newspaper now require that Ctrl is also held down
- Changed: The newspaper shortcut to add to a news bin has been changed from 'N' to 'B'
- Changed: Subscription and web search merged into single search box
- Changed: "Mark current page read when I change pages" has returned
- Changed: Hitting Enter while an item is selected in the newspaper now shows a newspaper showing only that item. Note that when the "Blue Vista" or "Expando" styles are selected, Enter will expand/collapse the item.
- Changed: The ability to embed the Mozilla control has been dropped. Sorry to have to do this, but the Mozilla Control is no longer being developed, and it doesn't support the features added to newspapers in this version.
- Fixed: Separators on filter menu draw incorrectly on Japanese Windows
- Fixed: Web search results show in external browser when "Open external links in default browser" is enabled
- Fixed: Item not marked read in news item list after hitting 'R' in the newspaper
- Fixed: Connection test doesn't correctly check NewsGator login
- Fixed: Using keyboard shortcuts to navigate a newspaper containing long articles scrolls the newspaper to the middle of the article rather than the top
- Fixed: FeedDemon isn't restored to the correct size if it was maximized the last time it ran
- Fixed: FeedStation shows inaccurate download count in tooltip after deleting active download (76137)
- Fixed: Subscription list isn't anti-aliasing correctly when font size set to 120dpi (61071)

- Fixed: When a folder is selected, Ctrl+D skips feeds in root subscriptions folder (76266)
- Fixed: Subscribing to a feed that uses a temporary redirect subscribes to the redirected feed
- Fixed: Blank newspaper title for empty folders
- Fixed: Synchronization failures due to not detecting active connection (73823)

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