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Feed Demon Beta  Girişi değiştir

* Added: Much faster import from previous version
* Added: "Compact" button added to "Manage Cache" dialog (frees up empty space in the feed database, can boost performance if run every few weeks)
* Added: FeedDemon now detects when it's frozen and prompts to restart itself (currently set to detect when it stops responding for at least 60sec)
* Added: Faster synching of read/flag state changes

* Changed: Reduced the size of the icon on the desktop alert to provide more space for actual alerts
* Changed: Better handling of ALT key to toggle main menu
* Changed: Clipping a flagged item no longer copies the flag to the clipped item

* Fixed: Subscription report jumbled together when browser sized very small
* Fixed: Default browser icon not always correct under Vista/Win7
* Fixed: Attention report missing green bar (indicator)
* Fixed: "Who's linking here" icon non-functional
* Fixed: Incorrect highlighting of RT in Twitter feeds
* Fixed: Exception opening feed/tag database when length of filename exceeds 255 characters
* Fixed: Embedded video overlaps header when embed tag not within object tag
* Fixed: "New items available" message sometimes appears even when newspaper wouldn't contain those new items
* Fixed: Tabbed browser background color doesn't match main menu depending on Windows version/theme
* Fixed: Marking a watch as read doesn't mark the original items read
* Fixed: "Update All" missing from Tools menu
* Fixed: Folder newspaper doesn't display after clicking folder that was just collapsed (158941)
* Fixed: If FeedDemon crashes before read states are synched, the next time it starts the "Synchronizing" dialog may block the application
* Fixed: Close tab "x" icon shows even when tab is cut off (159366)

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