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Feed Demon Beta  Girişi değiştir

* Added: Redesigned newspapers and reports
* Added: The "Share" newspaper icon now has a dropdown menu which replaces the annotate, email and "send to" icons
* Added: The subscription tree now enables viewing all items published today and yesterday
* Added: Search box added to newspaper, which enables searching only the posts displayed in the newspaper
* Added: Search results can now be opened in a new browser tab
* Added: OAuth support for Twitter feeds
* Added: Watches can now be limited to specific folders
* Added: Significantly faster renaming of synched folders and tags
* Added: Different background color to distinguish between multiple watch keywords
* Added: Faster display of folder newspapers
* Added: HTTP error report now enables updating all feeds with errors
* Added: Added Facebook to list of search providers
* Added: The address bar no longer shows http:// in URLs unless it has the focus
* Added: Holding Shift+Delete in FeedStation deletes the selected files instead of sending them to the recycle bin
* Changed: Starred items no longer count towards the max number of items kept in a feed (ex: if the feed is set to keep 100 items but five of them are starred, then 105 items will be kept)
* Changed: "Find New Feeds" now uses Google Reader's feed finder
* Changed: Search-related features have been moved to the Tools menu
* Changed: Newspaper styles now use the extension .FDXSL3 and language files use the extension .FDLANG3
* Removed: The icon which enables customizing newspaper icons has been removed (but the same feature is still available via the "Reading" tab in Options)
* Fixed: Feed properties dialog permits a blank feed URL
* Fixed: Scientific American podcasts are incorrectly downloaded with a CFM extension
* Fixed: Grouping by category in the news item list doesn't work
* Fixed: CPU spikes when updating a single feed in HTTP error report
* Fixed: Prefetch-related error messages in the status bar disappear too quickly to be read
* Fixed: Older items tagged in Google Reader don't always appear in FeedDemon
* Fixed: Tags still appear in FeedDemon after deleting all tags in Google Reader
* Fixed: FeedStation doesn't show HTTP status code for failed downloads
* Fixed: FeedStation's error log shows bogus "error synching" messages
* Fixed: FeedDemon doesn't recognize the URLs of FDLANGs if they contain a query string
* Fixed: Subscription report doesn't remove publisher's inline styles from hyperlinks
* Fixed: Duplicates appear when re-running a watch that contains multiple keywords
* Fixed: Re-running a watch adds more items than should be kept for that watch
* Fixed: "Shared by People I Follow" shows duplicates of posts that already exist in your subscriptions

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