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* Added: Synchronization with Google Reader. If you're already synching with NewsGator, you can convert to Google Reader by selecting Tools | Synchronization Options | Advanced | Convert Now. If you're new to FeedDemon, you'll be give a choice of synchronization platforms at startup. If you've been using FeedDemon without synchronization, the subscriptions report will include an "Enable synchronization" link.
* Added: "Reset feed title and homepage" button added to feed properties

* Changed: Watches and filers now appear beneath "Filters & Watches"
* Changed: ALT key no longer toggles the main menu (but you can still click any toolbar to hide it)
* Changed: Redesigned per-feed/per-folder prefetch options
* Changed: No longer creating separate program group for FeedStation icons
* Changed: FeedDemon's install is almost 30% smaller than before
* Changed: The default # of items per newspaper page is now 25 instead of 10
* Changed: Automatic backup now happens every 48 hours instead of every 24 hours
* Changed: Search results now use "surfer" style

* Fixed: Exceptions during prefetch
* Fixed: Deleting a folder containing a large number of feeds takes far too long
* Fixed: Unread count of selected feed is hard to read in unthemed subscription tree
* Fixed: Changes to a feed's home page URL are reset when the feed is updated
* Fixed: Subscriptions drawn using incorrect shell font size
* Fixed: Manual prefetch incorrectly says there are no items to prefetch
* Fixed: Vista's automatic horizontal scroll in the subscription tree scrolls too far
* Fixed: In rare cases, read items in synched feeds come back as unread if NewsGator detects them as being modified
* Fixed: Flickering in the subscription tree
* Fixed: Feed properties doesn't save changes to the feed's prefetch options
* Fixed: Custom newspaper style not reset when viewing filter
* Fixed: Ctrl+Arrow allowed as keyboard shortcut even though already handled by newspaper
* Fixed: Inaccurate progress bar during prefetch

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