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* Added: Hovering over a short URL (, etc.) now shows the full URL in a balloon tip so you know where the URL redirects (great when browsing Twitter). For a list of supported URL shortening services, see the file ShortUrl.xml in FeedDemon's \Data subfolder.
* Added: Automatic hyperlinking of URLs, @replies, #hashtags and author names in Twitter feeds. Profile pictures will also be displayed when subscribing to the Atom version of a Twitter feed if the feed is in a folder that isn't synchronized.
* Added: "Reply" link in newspaper when viewing a post from a Twitter feed
* Added: "Edit Tags" now bolds suggested tags that you've already used
* Added: "Attention Report" now enables exporting top feeds as OPML
* Changed: Embedded ad now becomes a text ad when resolution is 1024x768 or lower
* Changed: Email icon now shown in newspaper by default
* Fixed: Embedded ad steals focus from FeedDemon's newspaper
* Fixed: URL doesn't show in the status bar when you mouse over a link in an embedded ad
* Fixed: Bad comments in feed prevent some items from being shown in FeedDemon newspaper (discovered with this French Gizmodo feed)
* Fixed: Excessive flicker when selecting "Close Other Tabs"
* Fixed: "Edit Tags" sometimes display a URL as a suggested tag
* Fixed: EOutOfResources error when running FeedDemon in a remote session
* Fixed: FeedDemon comes to the front of other applications when the desktop alert's close button is clicked
* Fixed: FeedDemon warns that you're subscribing to a feed you're already subscribed to even when it's a secure feed that you've supplied a different login to

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