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Feed Demon RC3  Girişi değiştir

* Changed: Caption removed from "Filter" on news item list toolbar
* Changed: Double-clicking an item in the news item list now marks it as read
* Fixed: When a watch is selected, choosing "Mark as read" from news item list's context menu doesn't mark source items as read (91341)
* Fixed: Exception when pressing Ctrl+W while browser has the focus (91680)
* Fixed: Marking a folder as read reloads the newspaper even when the newspaper isn't displaying that folder (91565)
* Fixed: Long delay (or freeze) at startup while synching data
* Fixed: "Mark as read/unread" shouldn't be enabled in news item list context menu for search results
* Fixed: Newspaper incorrectly reloads after right-clicking a news bin and changing its synchronization setting
* Fixed: "Mark page read" in footer overlaps options sidebar in Surfer style after deleting items (90914)

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