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- Added: Completely rewritten "Popular Topics," including the ability to see what's popular in everyone's subscriptions (ie: everyone using NewsGator Online)
- Added: "Keyword View" added to view styles - shows all feeds containing a specific word in their title
- Added: Significant performance boost when changing views
- Added: When mousing over a feed, the status bar now shows its folder name when the current view doesn't include folder
- Added: Separate tray icon when working offline
- Changed: Subscription tree uses "Vista" style
- Fixed: Surfer colors look wrong with many WindowsBlinds skins
- Fixed: Subscriptions scroll back to the top after right-clicking
- Fixed: Subscription background color doesn't update after changing Windows theme
- Fixed: Items deleted from synched news bins aren't synchronized between clients (87957)
- Fixed: Significant delay between clicking "Update all feeds" and the update being performed
- Fixed: NewsGator API call at startup even when no synched feeds exist
- Fixed: Scheduled updating doesn't occur when no synched feeds exist and sync polling frequency isn't the same as feed update frequency (87959)(78987)
- Fixed: Changing views on Windows Vista sometimes re-arranges order of watches and news bins
- Fixed: "Scrubber" code fails to remove text between (not a security risk - just looked bad)
- Fixed: Exception when importing from common feed list when it doesn't contain any subscriptions (88033)
- Fixed: "Who's linking here" popup window misbehaves
- Fixed: "String literal" exception when building popular topics (88490) (beta 3a)
- Fixed: Progress dialog stays on top of other windows (beta 3a)
- Fixed: Hidden popular topics don't stay hidden (beta 3a)
- Fixed: Duplicate titles "Popular in Everyone's Subscriptions" (beta 3a)

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