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* Added: Significant performance improvements when navigating subscription tree
* Added: "Find Feeds" now enables subscribing to multiple feeds at the same time
* Added: Multi-line URLs pasted into the address bar are shortened to a single line (hat tip to IE8)
* Added: Secure URLs are now drawn with a light yellow background in the address bar
* Added: Clippings folders that have an RSS feed now have an RSS icon overlaid on them
* Added: Context menu added when right-clicking a feed in subscription home report
* Added: Subscription wizard now warns when attempting to add a private (intranet) feed to a synchronized folder (125583)
* Added: $ITEM_SUMMARY$ and $ITEM_SUMMARY_PLAIN$ added to "Blog This" tokens
* Added: Numerous optimizations to tabbed browser performance, esp. regarding favicons
* Added: Synchronization optimizations
* Added: "Show in External Browser" added to tabbed browser's context menu
* Added: When "Keyword View" is the current view, the keyword now appears next to the "Subscriptions" item in the tree
* Added: Multiple enclosures per post are now supported

* Changed: Popular topics and feed history data now stored in SQLite database instead of XML
* Changed: The "Next" toolbutton has been renamed "Next Page"
* Changed: "Next Page" and "Mark Page Read" are now both shown in the status bar
* Changed: "Panic Button" no longer displays at startup (now only appears after feeds have updated)
* Changed: "Enable HTTP logging" removed from connection settings
* Changed: Default auto-purge (archiving) value for new feeds changed to 100
* Changed: The "Map This" icon in the newspaper now uses the Geotag icon
* Changed: "Import Feeds" now uses the OPML icon
* Changed: The "OK" button on the "Confirm Deletions" dialog isn't enabled until either "Keep All" or "Keep None" is clicked, or a feed is checkmarked in the list
* Changed: When no feeds match the chosen keyword in "Keyword View," you're now told that no matches were found, and the view isn't changed
* Changed: Animation in subscription tree replaced with static hourglass/timer due to CPU spikes on many systems

* Fixed: PgUp/PgDown doesn't scroll browser when inline search has the focus
* Fixed: Subscription tree, subscription report and feed reports don't reflect changes to the current language until FeedDemon restarts (124289)
* Fixed: FeedStation pops up (instead of staying minimized) every time an enclosure is added to its queue from FeedDemon (125217)
* Fixed: FeedStation fails to download podcasts which redirect to URLs that are greater than 256 characters in length (seen with NBC podcasts)
* Fixed: Feeds renamed by user are renamed again when the title of the source feed changes (note that this fix only applies to feeds renamed from this version on) (123755)
* Fixed: Missing 'content-type' meta tag in about-tabs.html
* Fixed: Watches and subscription search fail to match whole words preceeded by a no-break space character (U+00A0)
* Fixed: When the NewsGator password is changed from another location, copies of FeedDemon at other locations can't be updated with the new password (126778)
* Fixed: When viewing full posts, large images may overlap the border of the focused item (128198)
* Fixed: When updating a single feed, the feed's icon doesn't animate
* Fixed: New folders don't inherit root folder's properties (122443)
* Fixed: FeedStation fails to validate the username and password (112477)
* Fixed: Mapped network drives don't appear in the folder selection of the Manage Cache dialog
* Fixed: Line breaks in description display incorrectly in keyboard shortcuts dialog
* Fixed: Can't subscribe to feeds which contain undefined XML entities (seen with Rolling Stone feed)
* Fixed: Empty WordPress "stats" images show up in Popular Topics
* Fixed: Import dialog appears to freeze when expanding OPML folder containing thousands of feeds
* Fixed: Prefetch fails to retrieve single-quoted images
* Fixed: News item list column widths not retained
* Fixed: Connection error dialog appears multiple times when first instance isn't dismissed
* Fixed: Bogus tooltip on status bar
* Fixed: Older items re-appearing as unread when auto-purge (archiving) value is the same as the number of items in the source feed
* Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts dialog permits assigning single-key alphumeric shortcuts
* Fixed: Wrong favicons on browser tabs
* Fixed: "Add to Clippings Folder" menu doesn't overlay RSS icon on shared clippings folders
* Fixed: Exception when attempting to hide some popular topics
* Fixed: Popular topics doesn't always show all linked articles
* Fixed: FeedStation incorrectly purges newer items from its queue
* Fixed: Browser tabs that were open the last time FeedDemon ran are opened in the default browser when the option to open external links in the default browser is enabled.
* Fixed: Feed preview incorrectly sorts posts from oldest to newest
* Fixed: Popup menus in reports aren't correctly aligned with clicked hyperlink
* Fixed: Blank list items inserted into newspaper when source feed contains line breaks after list items
* Fixed: When viewing headlines only, the "open in new tab" icon is hidden when the title overflows
* Fixed: Missing scrollbars on images wider than the browser
* Fixed: Flickering favicons on browser tabs
* Fixed: The import dialog's "Cancel" and "Back" buttons are missing from the language file
* Fixed: Article scrolled out of view after clicking "[Less]" to collapse it (
* Fixed: "Keyword View" fails with uppercase keywords (
* Fixed: Relative post links aren't "completed" when the feed link is also relative (
* Fixed: Exception when subscribing to feed that contains numerous invalid Unicode characters (

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