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* Added: Significant performance improvement to "Subscriptions Home" report
* Added: "Send To" now supports passing the current selection via a {selected-text} token
* Changed: FeedStation added back to Tools menu
* Changed: "Export Event Log" no longer prompts for options
* Changed: Google Reader authentication rewritten due to changes in Google's authentication API
* Changed: "Popular in My Subscriptions" now skips nofollow links
* Changed: Redesigned popular topics
* Changed: Slight redesign of subscription report (including removal of backup notice)
* Fixed: Send To Delicious fails unless you're already logged into Delicious
* Fixed: Titles of shared items don't reflect language change until restart
* Fixed: Dinosaur report doesn't include feeds that have never updated
* Fixed: Newspaper export doesn't honor grouping choice
* Fixed: Subscription search doesn't correctly handle Unicode
* Fixed: Feeds marked read in Google Reader remain visible at startup when using unread feed/folder view
* Fixed: Startup wizard displays after every install when sync wasn't enabled in previous version
* Fixed: Error during custom install if previous installation folder is no longer available
* Fixed: "Unfollow" fails due to changes in the Google Reader API

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