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Opera 9.51

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Release Notes
Opera 9.51 is a recommended security and stability upgrade. Please see the Security section.

Changes since Opera 9.5
User Interface
  • Fine-tuned the new Opera skin.
  • Improved drag/drop of tabs.
  • Fixed problems with search engines when upgrading from Opera 9.2x.
  • Fixed a stability issue when printing or when in print preview.
  • Added an option to toggle mouse flips in opera:config (User Prefs - Enable Mouse Flips).
  • Textarea inputs now clear when no-cache is set.
  • Saving of images is no longer recorded in transfers.

  • Feeds now show the first time when you subscribe.
  • Corrected a stability issue that could occur when clicking the drop-down to switch views.
  • Adjusted thread expanding in Mail when receiving new messages.
  • Corrected a problem where multiple views (access points) show for the same account.

Display and Scripting
  • Corrected a stability issue with User JS.
  • Style sheets now load when navigating in history.
  • window.close() now functions after invoking a context menu and when closing Opera Dragonfly.

  • Fixed an issue where functions could reveal data from random places in memory, as reported by Philip Taylor. See our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where registering Opera as a protocol handler could allow it to be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Billy Rios. See our advisory.
  • Security status is now correctly set when navigating from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Corrected an issue related to OCSP and CRLs that would lower security.
  • Note: This will take effect with the weekly update, or when checking manually for an update (Help > Check for Updates).

  • Corrected a stability issue with Yahoo! Mail.
  • TinyMCE 2.1.x editor now works properly.
  • Printing of chat items has been improved.
  • Reconnection of the IRC client has been adjusted and improved.
  • Menus on now work properly.
  • Eliminated unwanted line breaks in rich text editors.

Windows-specific changes
  • Fixed a resource leak in the transfer window that could cause visual paint problems and other related problems.
  • Command line parameters must now be specified before any URLs on the command line.

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