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Opera 11.60

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Opera 11.60  Girişi değiştir

Code name

  • Opera 11.60 uses "Tunny" as its code name.

Opera Presto 2.10 rendering engine

  • Opera 11.60 uses the Opera Presto 2.10 rendering engine (Presto/2.10.229).

Opera Mail

The user interface for Opera Mail has been redesigned.

  • Two-lined message list: Opera Mail will now default to "list on the left, message on the right", with the newest message on top, and showing message threads.
  • Mail grouping: Opera will automatically group messages by date. You can also group them by unread status, by pinned status, or not at all.
  • Cleaned up look: The mail toolbars are simplified, and icons have been redesigned.
  • New settings dialogs: The "View" dropdown menu with all its sub-menus has been replaced by an overlay dialog that can be reached by clicking the "wrench" button.
  • Pinning: You can now "pin" messages with one click in the message list or in the message headers, to mark a message for attention. This pinning is mapped to the IMAP \Flagged feature, so it corresponds to "starring" and "flagging" in other IMAP clients, and with Gmail's starred messages.
  • See: Mail goes two-lined and grouped

Featherweight address field with star menu

The star menu in the address field allows you to quickly bookmark a page or to create a Speed Dial entry.

Web specifications support

Opera 11.60 incorporates web specifications added up to and including Opera Presto 2.10 core-integration-point 229. For further reference please see:

  • Web specifications support in Opera

HTML5 Parser

  • Implemented the HTML5 parsing algorithm
  • The HTML5 specification defines a set of parsing rules for all markup, whether valid or invalid. Once all browsers have HTML5 parsers, the same markup will produce the same DOM across all conforming browsers. Hence, the HTML5 parser will improve website compatibility.
  • See: Parsing HTML documents

HTML5 <audio> and <video>

  • Implemented support for the following attributes:
    • preload
    • buffered
    • seekable
    • muted
  • See: Media elements

HTML5 Microdata

  • Implemented the DOM API for HTML5 Microdata.
  • See: HTML Microdata

HTML5 custom scheme and content handlers

  • Implemented support for registerProtocolHandler() and registerContentHandler() methods.
  • See: Custom scheme and content handlers

ECMAScript 5.1

  • Implemented full support for ECMAScript 5.1
  • See: ECMAScript Language Specification

XMLHttpRequest Level 2

  • Implemented support for "Khronos Typed Arrays" and XMLHttpRequest Level 2 support for receiving ArrayBuffers
  • See: Typed Array Specification


  • Implemented full support for for radial-gradient and repeated-radial-gradient.
  • See CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3


  • Implemented support for font-relative length rem in CSS and SVG.
  • See: CSS Values and Units Module Level 3
  • See: Interface SVGLength


  • Added support for applying the image-rendering property to HTML content, including: <img>,<canvas>, <video poster>, background-image, and (-o-)border-image.
  • The supported values of the image-rendering property are:
    • auto
    • optimizeSpeed
    • optimizeQuality
    • -o-crisp-edges
  • See CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 4


  • Implemented Google's new geolocation JSON API.

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