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Opera 11.62

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Opera 11.62  Girişi değiştir

User interface


  • Find in page (Ctrl + F) uses last used Find inline type
  • Address field focus lost on restart when installing extensions with a toolbar button
  • Submit data-security-warning locks page with two warning dialogs where only one can be closed
  • No window control buttons on the menu bar when disabling the close button on tabs
  • Inefficient loading order of resources
  • Updated tr/hu/cs language strings
  • Can't easily save/open files downloaded in tiny pop-up
  • WebM decoder freeze
  • Opera replaces existing file when the 'Save As' dialog does not show the file extension


  • Updated tr/hu/cs language strings

Display and scripting


  • Some progressive JPEGs aren't decoded properly
  • Crash when inspecting a UserJSEvent object in Dragonfly
  • Facebook chat scrolling problems
  • Text cursor position lost when clicking to focus on a search match inside a textarea
  • Error message when sending mail at
  • IDNs starting with number are shown with punycode in address bar
  • Crash when posting message to extension background process

Mail, news, chat


  • Selected message not consistent on layout switching
  • Last selected message is forgotten through a restart
  • Scrolling or switching view is slow when there are messages with many addressees
  • Occasional crash when navigating message list



  • Support Ctrl+F5 and Shift+F5 for unconditional reload of web page (bypass cache)
  • URL Turbo mode header reduction generates invalid HTTP messages
  • Missing architecture information in the User Agent

Presto 2.10 rendering engine

Encoding improvements

  • Changed multi-byte encodings to be non-greedy when encountering invalid byte sequences, which is more compatible with other implementations



  • Fixed an issue where small windows could be used to trick users into executing downloads, as reported by Jordi Chancel; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where overlapping content could trick users into executing downloads, as reported by Jordi Chancel; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where history.state could leak the state data from cross domain pages; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue which could allow web page dialogs to display the wrong address in the address field; see ouradvisory
  • Fixed an issue where carefully timed reloads and redirects could spoof the address field, as reported by Jordi Chancel; see our advisory

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