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Opera 7.50

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Opera 7.50  Girişi değiştir

At first glance
  • User interface redesigned
  • Chat client
  • RSS newsfeeds
  • Fast full-text indexing of e-mail messages
  • Support for spell check
  • Graphical smileys in chat and e-mail

New chat client
  • Uses the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol.
  • New chat panel lists visited chat rooms and status of on-line contacts.
  • Textual smileys are automatically transformed to graphical ones.
  • Supports transferring files by the DCC (Direct Client-to-Client) protocol.

Opera Mail
  • Faster indexing and searching of e-mail messages
  • Learning spam filter and custom filters
    • Spam filter will be set to \"learning\" on upgrade regardless of previous setting.
    • New option to \"Mark as spam\".
    • Marking message as \"Not spam\" no longer adds sender to contacts.
    • Ctrl+X removes message from any filter
  • Spam filter will be set as learning when upgrading from 7.23 regardless of previous setting.
  • Unseen messages will now have the \"Not visited\" link color specified in Preferences > Page style > My link style.
  • Graphical smileys introduced.
  • \"Organization\" e-mail header is now indexed for searching.
  • Removed mailing lists from \"Active contacts\" access points.
  • Fixed problem with forwarding .txt attachments
  • Fixed problem entering Korean characters in search fields
  • Added support for subscription to RSS newsfeeds
    • \"Newsfeeds\" added as access point in the e-mail panel.
    • RSS 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0 are supported.
    • Clicking RSS links automatically adds newsfeed to Opera Mail.
    • Auto-detection of RSS file (link rel=\"alternate\") displayed in navigation bar.
  • Improved handling of contacts with multiple addresses.
  • Improved handling of invalid List-ID headers.
  • Improved threading of e-mail and newsgroup messages.
  • Improved handling of malformed MBOX files
  • Improved handling of invalid Content-Types in plain text messages
  • Unread message count shown in mail panel selector button.
  • Unseen e-mail messages have same color as unvisited links.
  • Open access points are remembered between sessions.
  • Multipart message improvements.
  • Added setting (Preferences > Programs and paths: \"Enable e-mail and chat\") to allow for disabling all e-mail, news and chat functionality

User interface
  • New default skin.
  • New \"Tools\" menu.
  • New \"Customize toolbars\" dialog for placing and customizing all toolbars.
  • Toolbar version has been updated; old toolbar customizations will no longer work.
  • The Hotlist has changed names to panels.
  • Panel items, such as e-mail filters, are now single-click.
  • \'Links\' and \'Info\' panels and the zoom drop-down now work also for e-mail and chat.
  • Made advertisement preferences consistent with first time setup dialog; clicking on Google ads turns off the main bar, selecting \"generic\" turns it on.
  • Added \"Show only when needed\" option for page bar.
  • Added support for Aspell spell checker (requires separate install).
  • Removed hard-coded fallback text color (black) for labels.
  • Allowed for more user interface text strings to be translated.
  • New \"Search\" panel with multiple search fields
  • Enabled favicons in bookmarks and personal bar.
  • \"New page\" button added to page bar.
  • \"Reuse existing page\" now includes e-mail pages.
  • Newly downloaded skin will not be saved if user opts not to keep it.
  • Opera6.ini
    • Added setting to make lists with alternating background colors more accessible (disabled by default):

    • [User Prefs]
      Color List Row Mode=1
    • Added setting for controlling support of the autocomplete=\"off\" attribute in FORMs (disabled by default):

    • [User Prefs]
    • Added setting for reverting panel\'s new single-click behaviour:

    • [HotListWindow]
      Hotlist Single Click=0

Keyboard and Mouse
  • Improved and expanded support for drag and drop
  • New mouse gestures. Rewind: Shift+Gesture left, Fast Forward: Shift+Gesture right.
  • \"Document Window\" added to list of sections in the shortcut editors for keyboard and mouse.
  • Keyboard shortcut changes:
    • 5 now rightly toggles between maximized and restored page.
    • i toggles between split and maximized view in e-mail pages.
    • Re-introduced Ctrl+F4 for toggling panels with the panel selector.
    • Ctrl+click on image opens \"Save image\" dialog.
    • Open new page: Ctrl+N in MDI, Ctrl+Shift+N in SDI.
    • Open new window: Ctrl+Alt+N in MDI, Ctrl+N in SDI.
    • Close page: Ctrl+W. Closing last page in SDI closes Opera.
    • Close (application) window: Ctrl+Shift+W in MDI, Ctrl+W in SDI.
    • Changed keyboard shortcut for \"Duplicate page\" from Ctrl+Shift+N to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N.
    • Changed keyboard shortcut for \"Close all\" to Ctrl+Shift+N to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W.
  • CSS \'overflow\' content can be scrolled using keyboard or mousewheel

Display and standards
  • Overall stability improvements.
  • Overall CSS support improvements.
  • Added support for SCRIPTs in XML documents.
  • Improved JavaScript support.
  • Improved display of HTML entities in XML documents.
  • Added support for the XMP HTML tag.
  • Added support for inheritance of CSS background properties.
  • Improvements of bidirectional text support.
  • Added support for DOM_Runtime and DOMEnvironment.

Privacy and security
  • Individual cookies can now be edited in the server manager
  • Increased maximum number of cookies per server to 30
  • Fixed Secunia Advisory #10760 (Download Extension Spoofing)
  • Fixed Telnet URI handler file creation/truncation vulnerability in Opera as notified in personal communication by iDEFENSE.Telnet URI Handler issue.

Kiosk mode
  • Allow Alt+Space menu when using /NoMinMaxButtons command line option
  • Enabled Page bar when using /KioskWindows command line option
  • Added /NoPanel as alias for /NoHotlist command line option
  • /KioskButtons will now display address bar by default

  • Fixed problem with Netscape bookmarks import where URL data could confuse parsing of titles
  • Improved plug-in support
  • Faster and more efficient image caching

Windows-specific changes
  • New system tray icon with e-mail notification and right-click menu. Opera can be hidden to tray using Ctrl+H.
  • Included latest Flash plugin.
  • Improved handling of IME/East Asian text.

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