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Opera 6.04

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Opera 6.04  Girişi değiştir

New features
  • Bookmarks file (*.adr) is automatically backed up
    • To *.adr.bak on startup
    • To UnInst\\Backup\\hotlist_backup.adr on reinstallation
  • Added support for changing the Opera application icon
  • Added \"English to Japanese\" and \"Japanese to English\" translation

  • Memory optimizations
  • Opera checks for both HTTP and HTML when checking if it is default browser
  • Uninstall key changed to \"Opera\", which means there will only be one uninstall item in \"Add/Remove Programs\"
  • Minor updates to default bookmarks
  • Improved handling of windows with a lot of Flash content
  • Improved display when playing Windows Media Player files
  • Improved handling of missing character set in e-mail attachments
  • Fix for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean legacy encodings
  • Fix to allow bookmarklets (generally JavaScript URLs) to be used with special buttons
  • Fix for JavaScript URL handling
  • Fix for Java still processing after Window with applet closed
  • Fix for occasional loss of bookmarks (after an involuntary exit)
  • Fix for printing of headers and footers
  • Fix for saving pages and suggesting filenames

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