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Opera 11.60 Beta 1 (Build 1147) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Opera 11.60 Beta 1 (Build 1147)  Girişi değiştir

# User interface
* Improvements
- Additional refinement of the featherweight skin
- Improved Opera skin installation
- Improved plug-in install wizard
- Add icon in the address field to enable all plug-ins on the page when using "Enable plug-ins only on demand"
- New Add to Panel dialog to replace the old Bookmarks dialog
- Updated Hunspell component to 1.3.1
* Fixes
- Various auto-update fixes
- Lock button in the Links panel cannot be unlocked
- No search suggestions in private tabs
- Do not show search suggestions when an address is being entered
- Do not show search suggestion from default search engine for search engines without suggestion support
- Manually stopping Link should completely "unlink" the client from the synchronization process
- Dragging address badge to address or search field replaces page address with page's meta description
- Intranet hosts not remembered in opera:config#UserPrefs|IntranetHosts and info bar does not go away on first click
- Show user where the extension installs
- Easier reload of extensions in developer mode
- Pulling config.xml into Opera should open extension manager in developer mode
- Provide an option to not close the extension pop-up after it loses focus.
- Unable to re-download file to same download location if an entry for the previous download still exists in transfers manager
- Thumbnails are omitted while cycling Speed Dials with the Tab key
- Add an animation when resizing window to change number of columns
- Add an animation when undoing Speed Dial move/swap
- Selecting text in address field with long URLs does not select parameters
- Excel file not attached if open in at the same time
- The title in IRC channels is taken from the active window
- Storage dialog lists volatile storage
- Opera Link settings always shows Speed Dial Sync status from Opera startup value
- Use master password option does not always ask for authentication when repeatedly changing the option
- Extensions are launched even if set not to do so
- Enable "Limit chat notification to personal messages" on all platforms, and set default value to on
- Clear Private Data: Close tabs only affects the active window
- Extensions in developer mode do not add injected JavaScript on secure pages
- Speed Dial URLs are added to address bar drop-down
- Custom title not synchronized over link
- Widget upgrade via main menu stalls
- Widgets without a <name> are treated as invalid
- No longer possible to open O-Menu by clicking and holding mouse button
- Tab and Page bar items are inconsistent when performing a pin tab action
- Tab group expander missing or broken
# Display and scripting
* Improvements
- CARAKAN: Better performance and memory use
- Integrated new IDNA specification
- Updated to Unicode 6.0.0 specification
- Added the possibility of profiling ECMAScript thread evaluation and CSS selector matching: this will be used in future version of Dragonfly
* Fixes
- Bypass XML parsing failed message by automatically reparsing as HTML
- Shift+click should not open javascript: URLs in other window
- Image resampling should be controllable with CSS
- Fixed numerous layout issues with RTL text
- Initialization of SVG DOM objects different from what the SVG 1.1 second edition mandates
- Transitions are invoked on load / refresh: BeforeCSS causes asynchronous CSS loading
- Parsing web font as HTML causes major loss in performance and eventually crash
- capture argument for addEventListener() and removeEventListener() should default to false
- Opera does not fire events for empty scripts
- Value of JSON.stringify with single digit argument is not equal to equivalent string literal
- My Places pop-up in Google Maps cannot be closed, preventing use of Google Map Directions
- Clicking on Google+ tab (top left corner) results in page that is never finished loading (history.replaceState)
- XMLHttpRequest can not POST data that consists of plain literal numbers only
- string.replace with number reference returns a wrong string
- querySelectorAll does not throw exception on unknown pseudo-class
- inline-block has maximum height of 2^15 (The Google Maps Api Reference)
- Printing in Gmail freezes Opera
- WebP images loaded through Turbo are not drawn if they are within the visible part of the content at load
- Extension will not run on a page without Javascript unless first ran on a page with Javascript
# Mail, news, chat
* Improvements
- Two-lined message list
- New message display window
- Message layout optimized for wide screens by not using whole width
- New overlay dialogs for the mail view settings
- Message grouping
- Support for Pinning, mapped to IMAP \Flagged
- Quick Reply redesign
- Ctrl-Enter to send quick reply
- Added support for QRESYNC - efficient IMAP sync
- You can now change the global/default sorting and threading for mail (but still have a custom sorting for individual views)
- Styling of feed items has been updated
- Mail database files will be much less fragmented over time
- Improved mail database stability with grouped journaling
* Fixes
- Message displayed even though no message selected
- Show image enclosures inline in feeds
- Paste with mouse in Mail Compose window is mouse position dependant
- Enable Fit to Width for Opera Mail
- Show account connection status in mail panel
- Unread in Mail panel returns after a restart
- Messages in INBOX are not fetched before the folder is selected on Gmail accounts
- All mail redownloads when there are more than 5000 indexes
- After deleting a block of mail, selected message is not next to the selected block
- Remove [x] from loading database progress bar
- Need to mark message as read twice before it is read
- Expunged messages in other clients are not expunged in Opera Mail
- Broken progress bar skin with windows native skin
- Occasional Crash on marking email messages as "Not Spam"
- Mail in IMAP sent folder not marked as sent
- Different mail tabs turn the same when Opera restarted
- Fixed sorting of incoming mails, news and feeds
- Opera can crash after removing a mail account
- Update mailproviders.xml for iCloud
- With Dovecot 1.0 and Exchange servers, moving message to another IMAP folder leaves copy in source folder stuck in the database
- Opera mail IMAP keeps sending STATUS "" to check for new mails
- Drag and drop to an IMAP folder should now move mails not copy if from the same account
# Network
* Fixes
- Opera Turbo slow network notification is triggered even for high speed connections
- Proxy auto configuration does not work
# Windows
* Improvements
- DSK-339862 (Implement the command-line switch -pd on Mac and Win the same way it is on Linux/FreeBSD)
* Fixes
- Make the Windows Installer able to continue after non fatal errors
- Cancelling uninstall triggers Windows compatibility assistant in Vista
- Right clicking and pasting into UI fields when they are not focused yields ghost text
- Improve performance of the extensions manager

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