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Opera 5.12

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Opera 5.12  Girişi değiştir

  • Opera now starts with an empty window maximized as default when no win-file is found
  • The Hotlist is not shown if screen resolution is 800x600 or lower
  • Updates to internal stylesheets

User Interface
  • Fix in cookie filter dialog
  • \"Remove background skin\" no longer added multiple times
  • A few fixes to the \"Languages\" dialog and handling
  • Improved URL dialog (F2)
  • Added menu items to open Hotlist tabs directly from the Bookmarks, E-mail, and Messaging menus
  • Improvements to History
  • Fix for lost focus after creating new windows

  • Improved zooming
  • Improved filtering
  • Improved sorting
  • Send an URL to Opera\'s e-mail client (Send address in e-mail)
  • Netscape e-mail import added
  • A few fixes

  • \"Opera support\" knowledge base added to the search box
  • Changed to the new Tucows domain search
  • Renamed \"Prices\" to \"Shopping\"

  • Some fixes
  • Option to block pop-up windows enhanced

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