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mIRC 6.15

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mIRC 6.15  Girişi değiştir

  • Fixed $base() gpf bug with large numbers.
  • Fixed SSL gpf on connect with certain certificate types.
  • Fixed notify list hidden edit button bug.
  • The dcc send/get on filesent/filercvd/etc. events can now halt the default messages displayed in the status window.
  • Fixed bug in /findtext and Control+F routines.
  • Fixed &binvars not being unset at end of script in some cases.
  • Fixed Find URL bug in URL window.
  • /names no longer fills nick list of channel window from which you have been kicked.
  • Fixed /echo -eg causing line separator to be logged.
  • Query window logs that are created but not written to are now automatically deleted when the query window is closed.
  • Fixed $error in :error handler not displaying correct line number and backward propagation of error.
  • Fixed $encode() not working with one character length text.
  • Fixed /gtalk -w, now looks in waves folder for sound.
  • Fixed random port selection bug.
  • SJIS/JIS support is now only automatically enabled when first running mIRC on a multi-byte SJIS/JIS system.
  • If auto-get is enabled with auto-resume and the incoming file is smaller than an existing file, the dcc is now cancelled.
  • Fixed Alt+Minus key combination displaying incorrect system menu when a window is maximized.
  • /hop is ignored if issued more than once in a channel window that is in the process of being rejoined.
  • Fixed $sfile/$msfile bug when multiple filetypes are used.
  • Fixed $input not always initially setting focus to editbox.
  • Fixed handling of SSL port numbers where a disconnect and reconnect resulted in use of a non-SSL port. mIRC will now always use an SSL port when connecting if it was using one in the prior connection.
  • Recent servers list in servers.ini now stores entries with port numbers not in the servers list for that server.
  • Fixed /if comparison evaluation bug with $identifiers.
  • Fixed /debug bug, failed if called more than once in some cases.
  • Fixed $addtok() handling of $null values.
  • Fixed $did/$dname/$devent being reset during an on dialog event in some situations.
  • Undid change to /echo -bfh which allowed custom @windows to blink.
  • Fixed dcc accept message not applying the fill spaces option to a filename with spaces.
  • Fixed ampersand bug in custom dialog combo boxes.
  • /window -a now activates dcc chat windows associated with active connection first if any are found.
  • Improved port-in-use detection method so port selection for DCC and other connections works more smoothly.
  • Fixed recursion gpf bug with /scon and /scid.
  • Fixed while/if bug when using $iif() in comparisons.
  • An error message is now displayed when the maximum recursion depth is reached in a script.
  • %helper users now able to use +voice related features such as auto-voice, /pvoice, etc.
  • Fixed Address Book/Control dialog not displaying ignore time value correctly when /ignore -uN is used.
  • Fixed channels list lower-case display bug on keypress.
  • Fixed /window not handling quotes around =chat window names.
  • Fixed $onpoly() not handling intersecting polygons of zero volume.
  • Fixed handling of regular expressions that contained certain characters in remote event definitions.
  • Fixed binary variables being unset immediately instead of at the end of a script when $scon() is used.
  • Fixed custom socket bug that was causing sockets to be closed randomly.
  • Fixed start minimized bug where windows were not being sized properly at start up if mIRC was minimized.
  • Fixed editbox display bug when using certain fonts.
  • Fixed dcc trusted listbox not displaying vertical scroll bar.
  • Fixed tabkey evaluation bug.
  • Fixed /drawpic memory leak when drawing icons.
  • Fixed the way /ban -uN and /ignore -uN values are processed, now identical.
  • Fixed dcc send/chat using incorrect network when initiated via notify list window.
  • Added /filter -k switch, calls alias instead of outputting to a file or window.
  • The Open Folder button in a completed DCC Get window now opens the explorer window and highlights the received file.
  • Fixed custom dialog combo editbox bug when deleting item.
  • Added /font -z switch, clears all font settings and sets all windows to the specified font. If no font is specified, all default font settings are set to fixedsys.
  • Fixed log folder bug where a subfolder was incorrectly being created in some situations.
  • Added Find selection option to Editor dialog, toggles find dialog behaviour of using text under cursor.
  • Fixed /dialog -c gpf bug.
  • Fixed SSL key files handling bug, changes in SSL dialog were not being applied.
  • Fixed SSL root certificate handling bug, resulted in rejection of valid certificates.
  • Fixed various multi-byte display/mark/copy bugs.
  • Fixed SJIS/JIS processing bug, was corrupting outgoing lines in some situations.
  • Fixed links list window display bug.
  • Fixed /window -b not working on side-listbox.
  • Fixed /while loop handling bug when /break on same line.
  • Added support for unreal ircd numeric 489, sent when you try to join a channel with +z channel mode set and you are not using a secure/ssl connection.
  • Can now use $send(-1) and $get(-1) in on FILESENT/SENDFAIL/etc. events to refer to dcc associated with the event.
  • Fixed /fserve maxgets limit bug.
  • Added $hotlinepos, returns line and word position.
  • Added /url -ils switches, which insert a new item, and load and save the url list.
  • Added $replacex() identifier, same as $replace() except that it ignores previous replacements in the line.
  • Fixed multi-monitor display bug.
  • Fixed /goto gpf with empty : goto points.
  • Fixed $regsub() handling of \\ and $ characters.
  • Fixed dcc get via http proxy/socks bug.
  • Fixed firewall not releasing dcc-related sockets in some cases.
  • Added support for numeric 005 ELIST=MNUCTP token.
  • Fixed reload logs bug.

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