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mIRC 4.6

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mIRC 4.6  Girişi değiştir

  • Now handles various combinations of : and { at the beginning of a remote definition.
  • Fixed :> redirection.
  • Fixed separator handling in popup menus.
  • ON SNOTICE can now be prevented from displaying info.
  • Now does NOT evaluate identifiers in a command issued from the command line. If you want to force identifers to be evaluated, you can prefix the command with two // instead of just one /.
  • Fixed $1 $2 etc. not working with Function keys.
  • Fixed $dir and $hfile identifiers.
  • Fixed ON KICK missing $parms.
  • Fixed variables section not being saved if commands section is empty.
  • Fixed DCC Windows not being minimized properly.
  • Explicit support for the DO ctcp command has been removed. If a user wants to use a DO in their ctcp definitions, they would have to specifically make mIRC perform any parameters that another user sends as commands, eg.:


  • Fixed the -s switch in /echo.
  • Fixed $readini with missing parameters gpfing.
  • $read and $readini now return $null if a line isn\'t found.
  • Extended the functionality of [ ] so that if they enclose only a single parameter they will evaluate it even if it has already been evaluated. eg.:

    set %x %y
    set %y Hiya!
    /echo [ [ %x ] ]

  • DCC Send, Get, Chat, and Fserv now use different Icons.
  • The = switch in remote definitions 1:COMMAND:= wasn\'t working properly.
  • Fixed =$nick for on serv/chat.
  • Now handles site bans or masks for addresses that only have an x.x format instead of the usual x.x.x format.
  • Fixed Aliases Save To only saving to mIRC directory.
  • Fixed $asctime() gpf bug.
  • DDE USERS now prefixes nicknames with @ or + if necessary.
  • Now cannot use /writeini to remove items or sections, must use the /remini command which takes the same parameters.
  • Added $exists(filename) to check if a file exists, returns $true or $false.
  • Added -n switch to $read which prevents the line read in from being evaluated or parsed ie. it\'s treated as text.
  • Added /wallops command.
  • Now supports DALnet /part #channel [message]. The message is limited to around 60 characters.
  • Fixed extra separator lines being added to certain popup menus occasionally.
  • Now allows you to dcc chat yourself.
  • Now saves URLs to the urls.ini file.
  • Added $maddress which specifies the currently matched user address for an event in the remote:

    1:TEST:/echo $fulladdress matched $maddress

    And added $maddress(address) which returns a matching address from the remote user list.
  • If the filename specified in $read has no path, it defaults to the mirc.exe directory (like all other commands).
  • Can now /load -r and /save -r (raw definitions).
  • Added Load/Save items to URLs pop menu which let you load/save any URL file.
  • Join/part/other text messages are now wrapped.
  • Can now press return in a multi-line editbox in the middle of a line without sending the text.
  • Added Play wave option to notify list which lets you choose a wave to play when a specific user joins IRC.
  • Added show notices in active window option in IRC switches, and also improved the way notices are displayed.
  • Fixed memory bug in fileserver.
  • Improved memory allocation in copy/paste routine.
  • Displays /whowas reply with @ in address.
  • The aliases for .hlp files added to the Help menu now have the lowest command precedence ie. if an existing alias or command of the same name exists, the .hlp alias is never run.
  • Now also adds .txt files to the dynamic help menu.
  • The IAL is updated a bit more intelligently to allow remote definitions to access nicknames that have just joined/left a channel.
  • Fixed time-out gpf bug which affected Send/Get/FServ.
  • Now triggers ON PART when *you* part a channel.
  • Added $longip(IP address/long IP) which converts a dotted IP Address to a long IP, and vice-versa.
  • Fixed message not being wrapped when a query window first opens.
  • Fixed GPFs occurring when viewing URLs.
  • Fixed me: prefix for remote definitions.
  • Now supports a /list result with or without RPL_LISTSTART, to accomodate ircd 2.9.x.
  • Can now specify a filename when saving a window buffer.
  • Added option Only show notifies in notify window.
  • Fixed Bad Username server reply if new user entered an invalid email address (the userid part was being used in the ident server).
  • /echo 1 $asc($mid(3,1,hi there)) was returning 0 for a space, now returns 32.
  • .Added fast screen update option to Extras dialog. This speeds up text printing by updating the screen after each atch of text instead of each line.
  • Moved Ignore to first position in Control dialog.
  • Added a new flood protection method. Just use
    /flood [on|off] to turn it on and off.
  • ISON notify lines are broken into less than 500 character lines now.
  • Added option Show finger requests to Options dialog in Servers section.
  • Fixed /oper with wrong password GPFing (?)
  • Prefixing a command with . prevents it from displaying its usual message (apart from error messages).
  • Fixed #$$?#=Enter a channel name: type identifier.
  • Added ON WALLOPS event.

    1:ON WALLOPS:*text*:/command...

  • Fixed $true/$false/$null not working in certain comparisons.
  • Fixed info lines sometimes not being displayed in DCC Send/Get windows.
  • /halt can now prevent the usual text output of raw numeric events (for most events).
  • Added $bnick identifier which refers to the nickname of the user being banned. This is not always filled since sometimes a nickname isn\'t specified with a banmask.
  • Now displays all user modes in status window titlebar.
  • Improved display of info for unknown numerics.
  • Fixed status window not closing when it\'s opened as Desktop window and mIRC is exited.
  • Added $ulevel and $clevel which store the remote user and command levels that matched for an event.
  • The channels list is no longer stored internally but completely stored in and accessed from the channels.txt file.
  • /remote [on|off] now affects the raw section as well.
  • Can now do /raw [on|off] to turn the raw section on and off.
  • Fixed mode event -l or -k skipping parameters in a mode change.
  • Notify window now displays note next to each nickname.
  • Tweaked INI routines.
  • When an error occurs in a DCC Send/Get/Chat, the dcc window is now closed if auto-close is selected in dcc options.
  • Added ON NOSOUND event triggered when someone sends you a SOUND request and the sound doesn\'t exist.

    1:ON NOSOUND:/msg $nick I don\'t have $filename

  • Changed toolbar buttons appearance.
  • Can now do /partall
  • In ON NICK event when you change your nick, the $me identifier is only updated after remote definitions have been processed.
  • Now handles #,&,+ channels in aliases, popups, remote, dialogs, etc. This might affect a few things since & and + are now special prefix characters.
  • Now saves Servers in servers.ini file.
  • Tweaked DCC Send/Get routines and fixed problem with DCC windows not displaying the correct information in certain situations.
  • Standardized INI prefix to for all saved information.
  • Results from a /who and /whois are now used to update the Internal Address List if the user is on a channel which you are on. eg. /who #channel.
  • /speak now supports both Text Assist and Monologue.
  • Now displays #* type messages properly.
  • Dropped files with spaces in the filename are now enclosed in \ quotes.
  • Fixed $parmN1-N2 bug.
  • Added Font item to Tools menu.
  • Clicking on Unban to unban addresses while in the Channels dialog now also sets the topic and modes if you\'ve changed them.
  • Fixed bug with command prefix infront of if/else/elseif not working properly after { brackets.
  • Fixed RAW definitions being processed from the bottom of list upwards.
  • Supports /globops command for DALnet.
  • Can now prevent Quit messages from printing in status window with /halt.
  • /userhost results now update IAL.
  • Improved /whois lookup code for /guser,/ruser,/finger,/dns, etc. commands that look up a users address.
  • Fixed sending multiple files with /dcc send command.
  • Added identifiers $mode(#) and $topic(#) which return the mode/topic of channels which you\'re currently on.
  • .Added identifier $count(string1,string2) which returns the number of times string2 occurs in string1.
  • Speeded up remote processing a bit.
  • DCC Get problem for netcom users fixed.
  • /links now displays links list properly on ircd 2.9.1 which sends the list in reverse order (are we surprised? ;)
  • Notify pause time between checks is now based on the total number of nicks in your notify list. The minimum pause time is 20 seconds, the maximum pause time is 50 seconds.
  • An alias cannot call *itself* anymore (except indirectly by calling another alias which calls it).
  • Improved editbox processing routine slightly: now processes text entered into it even if another window is active or on top of it.
  • Added /close -icfgms [nick1] [nickN] which closes windows of the specified type and nicknames. If no nicknames are given, all windows of the specified type are closed.
    i = only close inactive windows (doesnt apply to message windows)
    c = chat
    f = fserve
    g = gets
    m = message windows
    s = sends
  • Removed /closechats, /closefserves, /closedccs commands. These are replaced by the /close command.
  • Removed /maxdepth command.
  • Added $timestamp identifier returns time in [xx:xx] format.
  • Now allows you to enter multiple Ports (separated by commas) for each server. A random port will be picked at each connect.
  • Fixed dcc get time-out bug.
  • Removed Show transfer progress as percent switch, now only displays progress as a percentage.
  • Added Display fileserver warning switch to dcc options dialog.
  • Can now hold down the Shift key when tiling to tile vertically.
  • Fixed channel nickname list updating incorrectly with certain combinations of /mode results.
  • Now supports the ircd 2.9.1 ^G in a JOIN.
  • Now triggers the part event if you close a channel window manually by clicking on the close button.
  • The TAB key nickname list now only stores the nicknames of people who sent you normal query/channel messages, not ctcps.
  • Fixed /timer bug.
  • /unset can now use wildcards, so /unset %test* will unset all variables beginning with %test.
  • /alias now tells you which alias it\'s adding/removing.
  • Fixed gpf bug when low number values are used with time related functions/identifiers.
  • Calling an alias from another alias only passes the required parameters and not all parameters.
  • Now also handles .chat files which contain tab characters.
  • Negative value variables are now handled properly.
  • Reorganized identifiers-related code a bit (still in progress).
  • Fixed small bug in installation program.
  • Added Event beeps on/off switch in event beeps dialog, also added an /ebeeps [on|off] command.
  • Fixed MDI channel window listbox/scrollbar display bug.
  • Fixed /unset %var1 ... %varN.
  • Can now hold down Shift key when clicking connect toolbar button to force mIRC to connect to last server and port again, instead of picking a new server or port.
  • Fixed /return bug.

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