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mIRC 3.42

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mIRC 3.42  Girişi değiştir

  • Fixed Beeping saving/loading beep settings using only nickname and not the whole line in \'DCC Chat with krejt\'.
  • The Local Host name can now be changed while online.
  • The /ban command did not allow processing of following commands.
  • Fixed \'Enter\' bug in single-line editbox (?).
  • If Show quits in channel wasn\'t checked, user would not be removed from channel namelist when user quits.
  • Unbanning in the /channel dialog now unbans 3 users at a time in one mode command instead of one user at a time.
  • Added Options->Auto-Op random pausing (up to 7 seconds).
  • Minimized get icon now shows nickname.
  • Fixed server ports being reset to 6667.
  • Fixed the /msg =nickname GPF bug.
  • Added * to beginning of username in /ban addresses.
  • Changed /finger method slightly.
  • Added /pop [#channel] command which performs a paused op on the specified user within a random number of seconds.
  • A DCC Chat window is only given focus on connection if it is the active window, otherwise it just beeps once.
  • Can now do /help .
  • Fileserver was ignoring parameter and limited users to get only one file at a time.
  • Optimized routine for handling mode changes.
  • Fixed ON NOTICE bug.
  • Fixed /uwho (is operator) bug and /uwho ctcp bug.
  • Fileserver: if file has no extension then \'.\' is automatically added to user get request filename.
  • Improved voiced/opped display of nicks but still when a user is deopped and has a voice, things mess up.
  • Now automatically shortens your nicknames to the maximum length allowed by the server you connect to.
  • Fixed bug with /ban after using the /auser command.
  • Rewrite of INI reading routines in the hope of fixing GPF\'s and other weird problems that are being caused by this.
  • Changed timing of Misc->Options->perform commands, now sends commands right after end of MOTD.

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