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mIRC 2.5a

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mIRC 2.5a  Girişi değiştir

  • Added always retrieve local host option for people who have dynamic IP addresses!
  • channel mode in title is permanently on. not an option anymore.
  • Added ctcp USERINFO command for compatibility, However, it returns the same information as a ctcp finger command
  • Moved some options to a different windows were they made more sense.
  • added /finger and /auto commands.
  • fixed problem with releasing memory... popup menus weren\'t being freed properly so mIRC would lose as much memory as the size of the popup menus defined by the user. With the mirc.ini that comes with the program, this turned out to be 3k+ of system resources everytime the program is run.
  • the MODE for channel mode changes gets messy when lots of mode changes occur. cleaned it up.
  • Window names in Window menu would not switch to the correct window when selected.
  • Text buffers for windows were not being freed properly.
  • Can now set the default font for the status/finger/list windows from their system menu. Only the DCC Send/Get windows have to be set from the font dialog window.
  • added auto-log option for channels and query/dcc chat.
  • commands such as /finger and /run can now be used off-line.
  • corrected some mistakes in the mirc.ini file

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