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mIRC 5.5  Girişi değiştir

  • Fixed /drawtext clipping bug.
  • Fixed Socks firewall support of DCC Sends/Chats.
  • Fixed $pos() bug.
  • Fixed /savebuf with no parameters gpf bug.
  • Fixed bug in $findfile(), $finddir(), /copy command, and the files list in the Logging tab of the Options dialog, for 32bit under win32s.
  • Added -t switch to $read, prevents mIRC from checking if the first line is a number, it treats it as plain text.
  • Fixed $mask() types 11 to 19 not removing ~ prefix from userid.
  • Revamped Options dialog, now uses treelist, provides more space to add new features clearly and cleanly.
  • Fixed on OPEN/CLOSE event processing bug.
  • Fixed on ACTION not triggering if query window wasn\'t already open.
  • Fixed font display bug which seemed to affect some systems.
  • Fixed /dcc fserve with no parameters gpfing.
  • Changed Nth returned value in $nvnick()/$nhnick()/$nopnick() when you specify a nickname.
  • $nopnick() now returns all nicks that aren\'t ops, $nhnick() returns all nicks that aren\'t helpers/voiced (excluding nicks that are ops), and $nvnick() returns all nicks that aren\'t voiced (excluding nicks that are ops or helpers).
  • Added $& identifier, allows you to break up a single line into multiple lines which are combined when the script is performed, so you can edit long commands more easily.:

    test {
    echo You can now split up long commands $&
    into several lines to make them easier to $&

  • Your own messages and notices are now time-stamped if you have time-stamping turned on in a window.
  • Fix bug in $findfile()/$finddir() identifiers, file handles weren\'t being freed in some situations in the 32bit mIRC.
  • Added Nick List menu item to Channel Window System menu, allows you to position nick list to the right or left, or to turn it off.
  • The file dialog used for selecting pictures now displays a preview of the selected picture.
  • URL catcher now also catches https:// addresses.
  • Added extra memory checks in $+ and other areas of script processing to warn when concatenated strings are too long.
  • You can now double-click directly on URLs in windows to open a web browser.

    You can also hold down the shift-key and double-click on email addresses to open your email program. The shift-key is required because of the huge number of addresses on IRC which look like emails but aren\'t.

    If you\'re in a channel window and you move the mouse over text that is a nickname on that channel, you can double-click on it for the usual double-click behaviour, or right-click on it to open the nickname list popup menu. If you single-click on the nickname, the cursor in the listbox is scrolled to that nickname.

    You can also double-click on a channel name to join it.

    If you move the mouse over text that is a nickname in your Notify list, right-clicking will pop up the notify popup menu.

  • /ddeserver and /sound are now quiet when . prefixed.
  • Added Sort item to Channels List window popup menu, allows you to sort by channel name, number of users, or channel topics.
  • Using a faster sort routine for sorting the IRC servers list.
  • Made small changes to appearance/processing of Chat/Fserve windows.
  • DDE can now be turned off, and will also remember to turn on again if it failed to initiate previously.
  • Fixed /writeini bug locking file after showing file too large warning.
  • Implemented new indexing method for scripts.
  • Added $mircexe identifier, returns full path/name of mIRC exe file.
  • Fixed /window -c closing gpf bug, related to mouse events processing.
  • mIRC now recreates the download/logs/sounds directories if your ini file contains invalid directory names for them.
  • Changed the file/dir existence checking method, it was previously treating non-accessible files ie. no read/write/etc. allowed, as non-existent.
  • Control-F dialog in status/channel/etc. windows now allows you to enter up to 90 characters as search text.
  • Fixed script.ini renaming bug.
  • Added $network identifier, mIRC gets the name of the IRC network you are on from numeric 001, ie. Welcome to the N Internet Relay Network, where N is the name of the network. If it can\'t find a network name (some IRC networks don\'t have this info), it uses the Group name of the server if it\'s in your IRC Servers list.
    The network name is used to select the correct filename in the List Channels dialog, eg. if you connect to a DALnet server, mIRC will now auto-select the channels list file called dalnet.txt.
  • Fixed /*line related gpf bug with invalid colour value.
  • Fixed .ial flag, is now reset when you turn IAL on/off.
  • Single/multi-line editbox now beeps if you enter a line that may be too long to be processed by the server. Optimized switchbar dragging routine.
  • Fixed bug in /log command.
  • If you have a /query window open with someone, private messages from them won\'t be ignored even if their address matches an ignore address.
  • Now processes numeric 437 which is sent on some IRC networks when you try to rejoin a channel after a split and it doesn\'t allow you.
  • Removed Topic in channel option, now default.
  • Main window background picture is no longer resized when the MDI window scrollbars appear/disappear.
  • Added Save as... menu item to Custom Picture windows System menu, and the /drawsave command, which allow you to save the picture in a @window to a BMP file.
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar width in custom windows which use a tabbed listbox.
  • Added /window -E switch, creates a custom window with a multi-line editbox.
  • Added Show Ctcps in active window switch.
  • Fixed bug relating to file dialogs, may have been causing mIRC to freeze in some situations.
  • Numeric 477 is now handled differently based on the IRC network you are connected to since it\'s used for conflicting purposes on different IRC networks.
  • Fixed custom window bug where it would trigger menu {} and mouse events even if the popup menu name wasn\'t specified.
  • Fixed bug in handling of :goto jump points in some situations.
  • When the switchbar is turned on, the Alt-N key combination now refers to the Nth window in the switchbar, any windows not shown in the switchbar are placed at the end of the Alt-N list.
  • Improved /timers to more precisely measure elapsed time. Also added /timer -c switch, makes mIRC catch up a timer by executing it more than once during one interval if the real-time interval isn\'t matching your requested interval. This happens often because timer messages can be delayed by a few milli-seconds each time they are triggered due to the OS being busy, and the number of milliseconds lost accumulates over time.
  • Added preview button in file dialogs for playing .wav files.
  • Fixed bug in $ulist().
  • Changed behaviour of event on chat/serve with and without the ^ prefix to allow you to /halt the default behaviours of an fserve.
  • Fixed /log command not working with DCC Chat/Serv windows.
  • Added lbclick menu {} listbox event, triggers when a user clicks on an item, or selects an item using the cursor keys, in a @window listbox.

    menu {
    lbclick: echo 4 selection: $active $1

  • Added -b switch to /sockwrite, allows you to specify the number of bytes to send.

    /sockwrite [-tnb] [numbytes]

    Added -n switch to /sockread, allows you to read a CRLF terminated line into a &binvar. If the incoming line does not contain a CRLF, no bytes will be read into &binvar, unless you specify the -f switch, which forces the read (same as when reading into %vars).

    /sockread [-fn] [numbytes]

  • Added on notify/unotify to the haltable ^ events list.
  • /write now doesn\'t append an LF character to the end of your line if it already ends in an LF character.
  • Fixed filename checking routine, was treating too many characters as invalid and replacing them with an underscore character.
  • Fixed freeze bug in bracketed identifiers containing certain $+ combinations.
  • Added support for DALnet WATCH list. mIRC now uses this for its notify feature when on DALnet servers >= 4.6.3 since it\'s far more efficient. All mIRC does is submit a list of nicknames to the server, and the server then notifies mIRC whenever a user comes on or off the network.

    If you specify a full address (or wildcard address) eg. nick!id@host as a notify nickname, mIRC will match the address against the reply from the WATCH notifications. You can also specify a wildcard address.

    Also added Dalnet specific options in Notify dialog, only appear when connected to a DALnet server.

    On non-DALnet servers, mIRC still uses the old notify method which sends an ISON with your entire notify list every 40 seconds or so to get an update. This method ignores the address portion of your notify nickname if you specified one.

  • mIRC now converts ANSI colour codes in private and channel messages to mIRC color codes. Also added $ansi2mirc(text).
  • Fixed bug in $read -w switch, wasn\'t stripping off ending CRLF at end of line before doing match.

    Extended $read -w and -s switches so you can now specify multiple words enclosed in quotes.

    //echo $read -nw*t public & versions.txt

  • Added on ACTION and on OPEN to ^ events. on ACTION now behaves exactly the same way as on TEXT, including the way it triggers the on OPEN event if a Query window isn\'t already open.
    on ^OPEN is now triggered before a new Query window is created, allowing you to /halt it, and on OPEN (as a non ^ event) is triggered right after the window is opened. If you /halt on ^OPEN no on ACTION/TEXT events are triggered.
  • Fixed bug with switchbar dragging.
  • Extended $findfile() and $finddir() to accept a @window/command. The command is performed on every item that matches your request.

    You can also specify a search depth which limits the search to N directories deep.

    $findfile(dir, wildcard, N [, depth, @window | command])
    $finddir(dir, wildcard, N [, depth, @window | command])

    Both are optional. The old format is still handled.

  • IRC Server popup menu via the right-click on setup toolbar button now lists the top 12 IRC servers, and the top 4 IRC networks.
  • Fixed $nopath()/$nofile() changing filename to lower case.
  • Fixed bug with help file not found dialog popping up at odd times.
  • Currently selected Address Book tab is now remember across sessions, when opening and the Notify tab is selected, the Notify listbox gets the focus.
  • Moved MDI Options Dialog into New options dialog.
  • Added /writeini -n switch, makes mIRC write to the ini file even if it\'s greater than 64k since some users seem able to create ini files of several megabytes.
  • If several users in your notify list have the same associated sound file, and the notify list sees them at the same time, mIRC only plays the sound once instead of repeating it for each user.
  • If mIRC sees the word hrottled in the Closing Link disconnect message, it waits 10 seconds before trying to connect to the same server again.
  • Added /window +elL switches, +e gives the window a 3D edge under win95, and +l makes the window a tool window which has a thin titlebar, +L does the same except the window doesn\'t appear in the taskbar and it can\'t be accessed via the Alt-Tab keys.
  • Added $rnick(#,N) identifier, returns regular (non-op/help/voice) nicks on a channel, and isreg if comparison.
  • Long Ctcp messages now wrap correctly in status window.
  • Added /tray -iN command, changes the mIRC Tray icon to the Nth icon in the specified file (which might be an .exe, .dll, or .ico).
  • Disconnect messages are now time-stamped.
  • Can now set/unset the default picture for channel/query/chat/fserve windows via the background popup menu. Also added /background -e switch to set a picture as the default.
  • Fixed notify sounds not being played in some situations.
  • If you double-click on the mIRC tray Icon and mIRC is the active window, it is now minimized.
  • The perform section is now performed before channels are auto-rejoined after a disconnect.
  • Added leave menu {} listbox event, triggers when the mouse is moved outside a picture @window.

    menu {
    leave: echo 4 mouse left $leftwin

  • Added /dns -h switch, makes it treat parameter as a hostname.
  • Fixed timers not seeing local alias -l aliases if a script is /reloaded.
  • Actions now also show if the action was directed at @+% users.
  • Can now specify -1 for /window x,y,w,h parameters to make mIRC use default or existing values.
  • Fixed bug in /whois colour not being set properly.
  • Fixed bug with +modeless channel handling, mIRC was assuming that you could /msg @+%#channel to send a message to Op/Voice/Help users, but only /msg @#channel to send a message to Ops is supported (which is a good thing since the /msg +#channel would look the same as a normal message on a +modeless channel)
  • Positions of individual query/chat windows can now be saved.
  • Can now use wildcards in /timer -e switch to execute all timers which match the wildcard timer name.
  • Can now Control-F in URL dialog.
  • Added /window +d switch, creates a custom window with no border.
  • Can now save the main window position and make the main mIRC window stay on top of other windows via the main mIRC system menu.
  • Added $matchkey identifier, returns wildcard matchtext that was used in the matching remote event.
  • Fixed bug in display of Editor dialog on being opened.
  • Added /firewall command to allow changing of firewall settings.

    /firewall [-mN[+|-]d] [on|off]

    -mN where N is 4 or 5 for Socks4 or Socks5 firewall +|-d where +d turns on dccs through firewall, -d turns it off

  • Extended $window() to allow wildcard match, $window(@wildcard,N)
  • Address book now deletes picture associated with a nickname when you delete the nickname.
  • Added Date filenames option to Log files dialog, only appears in 32bit under win95.
  • Added switches to /server to allow modification of servers.ini:

    /server -sar [server] [-p port] [-g group] [-w password] [-d description]

    -s sorts the servers list

    -a adds a server. If it exists, it is udpdated

    -r removes a server

    mIRC tries to find a match for either the server address or the description in the existing servers list. You can also specify one\r for -g -w and -d to clear the current setting.
  • Fixed /join -n switch not working if you specified several channels separated by commas.
  • Fixed $matchtok() making all text lower case.
  • Fixed bug in Find Text dialog in Editor dialog.
  • Added /window -k switch which removes the @ at sign from the name in the titlebar.
  • Fixed a gpf buf in /sockwrite relating to queuing of data.
  • Added UDP datagram support to sockets scripting. UDP is a connection- less protocol, ie. you can send information via UDP to other UDP addresses without needing to be connected to them first.

    UDP does NOT guarantee that any information you send will actually reach its destination. This is the way UDP works, it is not a reliable protocol. Also, UDP packets may not arrive in the same order as that in which they were sent.

    /sockudp [-bntk] [port] [ [numbytes] [data]]

    -bnt are the same as in /sockwrite.

    -k forces the socket to stay open, this allows it to listen for data that is sent to its port via UDP. If -k is not specified, the socket is opened, the information is sent to the specified ipaddress and port, and the socket is then closed.

    If you specify a socket that doesn\'t exist, it is created. If it does exist, the existing socket is used to send the info.

    You can also specify the local port number that you wish to use, if it isn\'t specified, mIRC chooses one randomly.

    Note: If you specify a socket name and a port, and the socket name exists but is using a different port, mIRC will report an error since it assumes you want a socket with that specific port.

    and specify the destination address to which you want to send information. You can only use an IP address here.

    is the information you want to send.

    The on UDPREAD event and the /sockread command can be used to read incoming info on a UDP socket.

    Also added $sock() .type property, returns UDP or TCP, and .saddr and .sport properties, return source address and port of last received UDP packet.

  • Added $isfile(filename) and $isdir(dirname) identifiers, return $true or $false.
  • Added /ajinvite [on | off] to turn auto-join on invite on or off.
  • Added $istok(text,token,C) returns $true or $false if token exists in text, and $numtok(text,C) returns number of tokens in text.
  • Added /colour which allows you to change the colour settings for items in the Colours dialog.
  • Added /mdi -act to arrange icons, and cascade/tile windows.
  • Added on KEYDOWN/KEYUP events, and $keyval and $keyrpt identifers.

    on 1:KEYDOWN:@window:key,...:echo pressed key $keyval $keyrpt on 1:KEYUP:@window:key,...:echo released key $keyval

    Where @window is the custom window name, and key is a numeric key value, eg. spacebar = 32. You can specify a list of key values separated by commas, eg. for the cursor keys:

    on 1:KEYDOWN:@:37,48,39,40:echo pressed cursor key $keyval

    Note: these events will only work in custom @windows without an editbox and a listbox.

  • Can now load /background pictures for custom @windows.
  • Can now manipulate position/size of channel, private, etc. windows using the /window command.
  • Added /window -w switch which turns a @windows switchbar button on if it was previously turned off.
  • Added format specification to $asctime() $time() and $date().

    Year yy 98
    yyyy 1998
    Month m 1
    mm 01
    mmm Jan
    mmmm January
    Day d 1
    dd 01
    ddd Mon
    dddd Monday
    Hours h 5
    hh 05
    H 13
    HH 13
    Minutes n 1
    nn 01
    Seconds s 1
    ss 01
    AM/PM t a/p
    tt am/pm
    Ordinal oo Add ordinal 1st,2nd,3rd,Nth if appended to a number
    Timezone z +0
    zz +0000


    If only the format is specified, the current time is used.

  • Fixed freeze bug in $rand().
  • Added popup menus for channels folder, finger, chat, and notify toolbar buttons.
  • Fixed bug in * userlevel prefix in script events for matching any level user, was matching even if a user level matched another event.
  • mIRC will now only ask you once if you want to create a new sounds or logs folder.
  • Added $window().fontbold property, returns $true or $false.
  • Added Hide minimized desktop windows option to Windows dialog, removes a window\'s button from the taskbar when you minimize it, unless you\'re holding down the shift key at the time.
  • Added $gmt and $asctime without brackets.
  • Added -r oot directory command line switch when running EXE, allows you to set the root mIRC directory.
  • Increased time-out for firewall connections from 60 seconds to 180 seconds.
  • Moved all text to resources area.
  • Added $file(filename).size,.mtime identifier, .mtime returns a $ctime value indicating when the file was last modified.

    Note: $lof() is supported for now but will be removed in future.

  • /timer command now knows when it is initated from inside a remote script event.
  • Fixed bug in tabbed dialogs, some controls weren\'t appearing in some situations.
  • /filter no longer allows you to specify the same window for in & out.
  • Added Trim log files option which keeps log files below the max Kbytes limit that you specify. The log file is only trimmed when a window is opened. If it\'s greater than the max size allowed, it is trimmed to 60% of the max size allowed.
  • Fixed gpf/freeze bugs relating to [] brackets.
  • /set -u0 now unsets a variable at the end of a script.
  • Added /copy -a switch to append to a file.
  • /sockmark now allows storage up to the max. length of chars that mIRC usually handles for other lines.
  • Added -r switch to /filter, specifies the range of lines which you want to filter, /filter [-sgdfwxnpr] [n-n2]

    Also add -lL switches, -l filters from the side-listbox in the first window, -L filters to the side-listbox in the second window.

  • Added custom dialog creation commands and identifiers.

      The /dialog command allows you to create a modeless dialog:

      /dialog -mdtsonkc name [table] [x y w h] [text]

      -m = create a modeless dialog using \'table\'
      -d = open dialog on desktop
      -t = set dialog title
      -s = set dialog size/pos
      -o = set dialog ontop of all windows
      -n = unset ontop setting
      -k = click ok button
      -c = click cancel button

      You can create a dialog with the /dialog command by using:

      /dialog -m name table

      Where name is the name by which you will refer to the dialog, and table is the dialog table name. Dialogs created with the /dialog command are modeless, ie. they do not return a value and do not halt a script, and allow access to other mIRC windows at the same time. They can be kept open indefinitely.

      The $dialog() identifer allows you to create a modal dialog:

      %result = $dialog(name,table[,parent])

      name = dialog name
      table = name of the dialog table
      parent = window name, or -1 Desktop window, -2 Main mIRC window

      Dialogs created with $dialog() are modal, ie. they return a value, and halt the script and don\'t allow access to the parent window until the dialog is closed. These types of dialogs should only be displayed for immediate user input.

      You can also use the $dialog(name/N) identifier to list any open dialogs, where N returns the Nth open dialog. If N is zero, the total number of open dialogs is returned.

      You can use the dialog prefix to create a dialog table in a script using this format:

      dialog name {
      title ext
      size x y w h

      text ext, id, x y w h, style (right, center)
      edit ext, id, x y w h, style (right, center, multi, pass, read, return, hsbar, vsbar, autohs, autovs)
      button ext, id, x y w h, style (default, ok, cancel)
      check ext, id, x y w h, style (left, push, 3state)
      radio ext, id, x y w h, style (left, push)
      box ext, id, x y w h, style

      list id, x y w h, style (sort, extsel)
      combo id, x y w h, style (sort, edit, drop)

      icon id, x y w h, filename, index

      In addition to the styles shown in brackets for each type of control, you can also specify styles:

      disable - to disable the control
      hide - to hide the control
      group - to identify the start of a group
      result - to identify the control whose value will be used as the return value to the calling script when the dialog is closed by pressing the ok button.

      If you specify -1 for any of the x y w h values in the size setting for the dialog, a default setting is used. To make mIRC center the dialog in a window, specify x y as -1 -1. The size setting can be over-ridden in the init event by using /dialog name x y w h.

      Note: You must specify an ok and/or cancel button. When a user clicks the ok or cancel buttons, the dialog is closed. You can prevent the dialog from closing if a user clicks the ok button by using /halt.

      Clicking certain controls in the dialog triggers the on dialog script event:

      on dialog:name:event:id: {
      echo $dname $devent $did

      Where name is the dialog name, id is the number of the control triggering the event, and event can be:

      init = when dialog is about to be displayed, controls can be initialized in this event. id is zero.
      edit = text in editbox changed text in editbox of combobox changed
      sclick = single click in list/combo box check/uncheck of radio/check buttons
      click of a button dclick = double click in list/combo box

      The /did command allows you to modify dialog controls by id number:

      /did -ftebvhcukradiog name id [n] [text | filename]

      -f = set focus on id
      -t = set id as default button

      -e = enable id
      -b = disable id
      -v = make id visible
      -h = hide id
      -c = check checkbox/radiobutton list/combo line
      -u = uncheck checkbox/radiobutton list/combo line
      -k = works with -c and -u, keeps other listbox selections

      -r = clear all text in id
      -a = add line of text to end
      -d = delete Nth line
      -i = insert text at Nth line
      -o = overwrite Nth line with text

      -g = set a new icon/bmp to an icon control
      /dialog -g name id [n] filename

      Note: you can mark a 3state checkbox as indeterminate by using both -cu switches.

      You can refer to controls using the $did() dialog id identifier with the following formats and properties as appropriate to the control to which you are referring:

      $did(name,id) $did(name,id,N)

      Note: if used in a triggered event, ame is optional.

      .text = returns line or Nth line $did(id) is same as $did(id).text
      .len = returns length of line or Nth line
      .lines = returns number of lines
      .sel = returns Line Number of Nth selected line if N is 0, returns number of selected lines
      .state = returns 0 = off, 1 = on, and 2 = indeterminate
      .next = returns id of next control in tab order
      .prev = returns id of previous control in tab order

  • Added option in the Windows dialog to make the Editor dialog modeless ie. opens it as a Desktop window, allowing editing of scripts while chatting etc.
  • $cb() should now process LF and/or CR delimited lines properly.
  • Made change to /unload command so that it will match the filename you specify with a loaded filename even if you don\'t provide a full path specification.
  • Fixed $*nick(#,nick/N) returning N = 0 for non-existent nicknames, now returns $null.
  • If you load/unload alias/popup/script files while the Editor dialog is open, the Editor now updates its current view accordingly.

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