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mIRC 3.9

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mIRC 3.9  Girişi değiştir

  • Fixed the /join KEY bug.
  • Add -q switch to /raw which makes the /raw command work quietly, not printing out what it\'s sending.
  • Fixed channel folder dialog not remembering added/deleted channels when pressing OK.
  • Now /ignores invites as well.
  • Fixed the remote DO command.
  • Can now handle &channels, fully supported in aliases, popups, and remote definitions.
  • Redecorated. Tending towards simple and uncluttered menus and interface.
  • Removed font dialog, can now change a font only from a windows system menu.
  • Can now do /me or /action in dcc chat windows.
  • The 32bit under 95 now saves logs and buffers using the full length filename.
  • ON TEXT etc. now allow wild card matches using multiple * in the match text.
      NOTE: the text matching routine in ON TEXT etc. doesn\'t use the = sign anymore, as it\'s now redundant.
    • Found bugs in the wildcard matching routine while making ON TEXT work with it. Fixed.
    • Made Tabs in options dialog more 95-ish. The bold font is still there though, sorry, I like it!
    • mIRC now does NOT reply to unknown ctcp messages, it just prints them in your window as usual and then ignores them (as per the RFC).
    • Aliases now work better when called from remote definitions.
    • Fixed -l# switch in play command.
    • Improved positioning of various dialogs.
    • DALnet URL catching on joining a channel now works.
    • Nicks in notify list are no longer forced to lowercase.
    • /save can now be used in an alias with | separators.
    • Added -stext option to $read, which scans the specified file for a line beginning with the specified text.
    • /pop delay is now randomly *close* to the number you specify as a delay.
    • Fixed /server N (specifying server number).
    • Fixed window bug possibly related to dcc gpfs.
    • Added -u# switch to /ban command which specifies delay time before unbanning the specified ban. Minimum delay time is 10 seconds. If no number is specified, it defaults to 30 seconds. eg. /ban -u15 nick
    • /fingering a nick now only adds the nick\'s address to the fingered addresses list, not the users whole irc address.
    • Now allows an unlimited number of /timers.
    • Fixed ini specification on command line.
    • Improved dynamic memory allocation in various places.
    • Added notify list window. Can use the toolbar notify button or /notify [-sh] to show/hide the window. Please note that there is a minimum window width under 95 that I haven\'t been able to override.
    • Address returned by IAL was sometimes invalid. Fixed.
    • Added [-ar] switches to /notify, /protect, /ignore, which forces the command to -add or -remove a nick instead of toggling it.
    • Added $site identifier for remote addresses.
      eg. for
      $site =
    • Now allows /sound in dcc chats.
    • Added minimal DDE support, as well /dde command and a $dde identifier, to be expanded. See DDE section in help file for description
    • Added Edit button for editing finger file in options dialog.
    • Can now access popup menus in the notify, URL, and channels list window through the keyboard. Pressing RETURN performs a double-click, pressing SPACE pops up the popup menu.
    • Added Alt-N for notify and Alt-U for URL windows.
    • /msg command now by default doesn\'t switch to the window you\'re sending a message to unless you specify the [-s] switch. eg. /msg -s hiya!
    • Added /timestamp [on|off] command.
    • Added /partall command which parts all the channels you\'re currently on.
    • Added Minimize DCC get window option.
    • Added $adate (for US style month/day/year), and $fulldate which spells it all out.
    • Added a ime to activate option to the /timer command, eg. /timer1 11:30 1 1 /say It\'s now 11:30am
    • Fixed filename in quotes with no spaces bug.
    • .Fixed using $?= ext identifier.
    • Added $file identifier, eg. in a popup menu item:
      Play Wave:/wavplay $file=Select a Wave! c:\\waves\\*.wav
    • Fixed disappearing aliases/popups/remote bug, where filenames for each of these were being reset to the mirc.ini file.
    • Added a /timers off switch which allows you to turn off all active timers.
    • Alt-L now pops up the Channels List dialog.
    • Added /disconnect command, hard disconnect from server without a /quit.
    • Fixed ON SNOTICE reacting twice to server notices.
    • Fixed/Improved other bits and pieces.

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